385th post:: misinterpritations

In the post I put up before this, I had trouble typing the lyrics with overlapping characters in various sizes. In the left of the image, do I type "ああ" or "あぁ"? "好き" or "女子き"? "せつない" or "せっなり"? "大丈夫" or "丈大夫"? "か5に入" or "から二人"? "い", "II", "11" or "り"? I know what it is by looking at the rest of the lines, the ones around it, and playing the song, but it's hard to read. (I can't even read my own handwriting...) It gets worse if it's cursive or text from the 19th century AD or earlier.

As for listening but don't have the official lyrics,"フルスロットな脳内" (Full slot na nounai) could be misheard as "Full Throttle wa What am I?". If you have looked at the lyrics and hear the song at the same time for Lucky Star (らき☆すた) opening, you would find that it's hard to follow. The most obvious is the "曖昧3センチ" (At vaguely three centimeters) part: in the song, it sounds a lot like "I my something"!

Spoilers: You were looking forward to watch it yourself when someone else, who somehow watches before you, says out loud or post something that particular significant event that would have otherwise be a shocker if it wasn't for that spoiler. Today, or more specific, the past few hours as at typing this, people at places like Twitter and 2/4-chan are putting up spoilers of episode 8 of the 2009 airing of Haruhi.

It's even harder when someone close (physically or relationship) says out the spoiler. Like heading to a movie theater and midway watching "The Village" (2004 film), someone at an audible distance away says out the plot twist that happens later on.

To me, this Haruhi episode really isn't a spoiler as I have read the novels it's based on quite some time ago and latter volumes of the Haruhi novels that are not (yet) covered by the anime.

(Ironically, I haven't read "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows" yet even though I ordered and received it the same way as die hard fans who are the fastest to finish reading it from the official launch day. When was that? It seemed not too long ago, but then again, time seem to zoom by quickly and is now almost halfway through 2009. Also, where did the 1st to 3rd book went off to? It seems to go missing as soon I bought the movie DVD of those...)

PS. Harry Potter married Ginny Weasly and had children.


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