383rd post: The feeling of being sleepy

Heading to bed to rest after a long day of work would have me to fall asleep. However, if the day seem to pass by very quickly or still have full of energy by bedtime, I would probably have trouble falling asleep. Most likely because of something that I may or may not be looking forward to.

Well, even if I manage to lie down to sleep out of tiredness, I would still be mentally awake but with my body sleeping and therefore lay there helpless and can't do anything until I actually fall asleep out of boredom or when the time to wake up arrives. I might also be able to hear people's conversation nearby even though I might actually appear to be sleeping to them. This happens very rarely though.

As for dreams, I don't really remember what it is, after all, based on my memories and won't be able to recall some time after I woke up, but I know that it's weird. One weird dream I had was that I was falling off a building or cliff and hit the bottom. Even though I actually felt being hit, I didn't even fall off the bed or have something on top of me. Lately, it's been about something that I dread of happening or something.

Hmm... (looks at the time) shouldn't I be sleeping right now? Well, my sleeping times is messed up: the delay is now 1-6 hours after my bedtime before I actually go to bed. I might even be sleepy and not know it. Mysteriously, I'm able to wake up at the same time regardless of how late/early I sleep without an alarm clock, except that the time I would be


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