303rd post: Receiving Spam From Myself

When looking through the inbox lately, I would find messages in the spam folder with the sender address being the same as mine ("me" in the case of Gmail). In fact, I have also seen the same for my other accounts. I don't remember what triggered this to happened, but one thing's for sure is that I haven't entered my email address anywhere other than to sign in recent days and all are web-based providers (eg. Yahoo! Mail, Google Mail (Gmail), Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail). It's hard to tell if changing the password would make a difference.

PS, I'm feeling sleepy as I'm typing this, so it would be best if I end here for now.


Anonymous said…
Chances are a contact of yours has some malware that spoofs the from field of the spam email, or that malware has passed on your email to a spam syndicate which does that.


Not necessarily mean that your com/account has been compromised. Nevertheless it's always good to take precautions by changing passwords, rechecking your com for infections etc.

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