similarities I noticed

I noticed that in the most recent anime episodes, there are noticeable similarities with the stories that you see me posing here. What's even more amusing is that it happened some time after I wrote them.

喰霊-零- Episode 9: Yomi Isayama (諫山 黄泉) in the hospital, unable to speak.

とある魔術の禁書目録 Episode 10: Mikoto Misaka (御坂 美琴) having a clone (20000 of them according to the novel).

There might be more, but I don't remember/watch them. But there are some, however, are based on something rather common:
  • Going to the beach, amusement/theme park, or traveling during the summer holidays
  • going to the city to hang out after school (if it's a short ride away)
  • etc.
I might have made changes to earlier chapters without mentioning, but I would add "[revised on (date) at (time)]" at the top. If it's already there, the latter date would be reflected there.


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