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(I'm typing this with the all new Google Chrome! So far, it works better than Apple Safari)

So right now, I'm in the middle of extracting images from the game I have been playing. Here's are some of the recent code that I have been entering in the command prompt. It's quite monotonous and there doesn't seem to be a quicker way. There seems to be a total of 7000 files but now I have 3720 files left. (about 2500 were skipped as they contain only names and icons)

C:\Windows\system32>cd \Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv -d DIR F:\G00
Fatal error: exception Sys_error("F:\G00: Permission denied")
Vaconv 1.40: VisualArt's bitmap format converter
Copyright (C) 2006 Haeleth
Usage: vaconv
--help display this usage information
--version display Vaconv version information
-v --verbose describe what Vaconv is doing
-d DIR --outdir=DIR place output file(s) in DIR
-o FILE --output=FILE override the default output filename and extension
-f FMT --format=FMT select an output format (G00, PDT, PNG, RC8, RCT)
-g FMT --g00=FMT select a G00 format to use for output (0, 1, or 2; default is auto-detect)
-i FMT --input-format=FMT select an input format (default is auto-detect)
-m FILE --metadata=FILE override the default metadata filename
-q --no-metadata disable metadata
-b --best enable maximum compression (no effect on some formats, can be extremely slow on others)
--masked-only for format 2 G00s, allow cropping of transparent areas of the image regardless of their contents
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR30.
File not found: F:\G00\CGHR30.
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR30.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR31.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR32
File not found: F:\G00\CGHR32
C:\Users\Ha...\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR32.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR33.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR30e.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR31e.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR32e.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR33e.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR30s.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR31s.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR32s.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR33s.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR40.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR50.g00
C:\Users\Ha....\Desktop\rldev-1.40-win32\bin>vaconv F:\G00\CGHR51.g00

Yes, the code is like that. What I have typed is several times more than what you see above that I am feeling tired from it.

Moving on, I am terrible at expressing my feelings. What I might have said might not reflect what has happened or I had done. Even if it does, it might not even reflect everything on what I know about it.

I might have said this in one of my earlier post, but I did say that my spoken vocabulary is more limited than my written one. Part of the reason for this is my reaction time.

Another strange thing that I have observed about myself is that when I sleep, I tend to sleep on my side instead of my back with my ears covered with something. For the former, it could be out of habit or discomfort. For the latter, could be either be the noise from the outside (a traffic junction just outside and an international airport about 5KM away) or the flies that used to zoom past ridiculously near my ear.

Another thing is that when I try to put eye drops into my eye, my eye automatically shuts close thightly whenever I attempt to do so. Trying to keep them open is quite hard as the force is that tight that I got tired after a while, same goes to anyone who has tried to do so. My eyes is even scared of water or even my own fingers too!

What I feel inside is not accrurately reflected on the outside. At times, it may look like I'm crying a lot loudly, but in my mind, I would be thinking on things like "Why am I crying over such a silly thing?", "Who is that crying? It sounded so near", "Oh no! There's water leaking out of my eyes endlessly", "My throat is getting dry with all that noise it's been making. When will it stop? It's so annoying!"


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