How quiet the school can be

Not long after classes have finished, there would be a lot of students leaving the school heading to somewhere. The school would then be eerily quiet and deserted compared to earlier on in the day where there would be a lot of people around with activity everywhere.

The only people seen around the school after everyone has left are the school staff (including non-teaching ones), students staying back for studies or club activities, or even "I-have-no-idea-what-they-are-up-to" kind of thing. What is interesting is that you can get to enjoy the peace and quiet. If you are lucky enough, you can also hear music clubs playing their musical instruments (good or not is another question). However, even these people would leave the school by nightfall.

The rare occasion where a lot of people would stay behind would be on the eve of a major (school) event where many people would (hopefully) help out with the preparations. Of course, the planning itself dates some time back.

It seems that summer is coming to an end as October approaches when it would officially be Autumn. Looks like my days of wearing the summer school uniform are ending quite soon as I would graduate next year. Hopefully with good results. Looks like except for college, I would probably be no longer be involved in schools until I become a teacher or when my (future) children would go to it, which could be uncertain and a long time. (and no, I'm not giving my uniform away)

PS. The moon I saw last night was larger than normal. Since I can see the outside from my computer, I had also saw it moving, though it was as slow as watching the minute hand of an analogue clock moving.


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