250th post: Making round things rounder

After using the vector program for quite some time, I have only found out yesterday on how to form the curve. This is quite useful as not many nodes (points) of the line is needed to form a curved section, or making sure that a circle is really a circle and not multiple amounts of straight lines so that it looks nicer. Earlier on, I have also found out on how to have a colour gradually becomming another colour (or transparent), as you might have noticed for the ones from August 8 this year. I have been editing all the vector that I had done from 20 July this year to improve on it. The whereabouts of the original files of vectors that had been done earlier (like this one done 2 years ago) are unknown as they are either not saved after exporting as png, sotred on a disc somewhere, or is on a PC that I hardly use now.

Anyways, here a vector of the same thing. One is the version immediately after completing it, and another is after what was mentioned earlier. Try to spot the difference: (click to enlarge)

Can't tell? Here's the difference:
  • Font for date has been changed from Meiryo to DFKai Gothic with my name added. (In some cases, the name is in vertical)
  • Font for blog URL has been changed from Meiryo to Calibri and, for this particular vector, is repositioned to the right. URL has been changed. (Did I tell you about the blog of the new URL before? Well, not here or my updates blog.)
  • The edges of the lines has become smoother, especially the hair.
  • The old ones have 800px at whichever side is the largest. The newer ones have 1000px as the width.
  • Number of nodes (points) of the lines has been reduced.
  • Unnecessary empty spaces have been omitted out.
When I'm done with this, it should appear in "My Drawings" or "自作絵" sections of my blogs, though the only difference you can see in the thumbnails is the blog URL: the smoother lines are not visible. Pencil drawings are left unchanged.

PS. If you had watched the Tomoya and Tomoyo special of Clannad, you might have seen this character, but only for a short while.

(I have managed to solved the problem mentioned here, but it still doesn't look right.)

19 Sep 18:01 edit: on second thought, I think I'll change the size to 1600px on the side that is the longest instead of 1000px for only the width


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