why would people so such things?

To my horror, the first thing I saw was a "Possible Blogger Terms of Service Violations" notice. The same goes for the other. The line "If you're an author of this blog, please follow the instructions on your dashboard for removing this warning page." made me worry. Upon clicking on the "Proceed" button, I noticed that it's not even my page, since I have obviously changed the URL earlier.

There was a blue background. At the top are links to various products with images of it to a well known online store. But when I look below that, I saw a long list of some strange links (I didn't click on any) to some funny website. Next to it are about seven paragraph's worth of sentences that don't make sense at all. There was only one post and was dated about a week ago (1 & 2 Sep this year). The name of the author and the blog is the same as the URL.

You might be wondering why I'm even worried over such things since the URLs has changed earlier. The fact that this happened half a month (3 weeks from this post) after I had changed the URLs, and that warning message (it's on a secured page (https) that is comming from blogger) that I have never seen before is quite worrying. On top of that, anyone could have clicked the link pointing to the old ones at one of (at time of this post) 435 posts spread across all my blogs and would eiher think "where did the page go?" or "this is a fake!" and could result in whatever negative things. According to the "top embeed sites" of one of the IMEEM music player playlist that I placed on the english anime blog for July and earlier, before I changed the URL, people were viewing my earlier posts that caught my attention as I myself never view those posts for the period stated. There could be more links to this blog, but those are mostly beyond my control.

I will change those outdated URLs as soon I have the time to do so. Right now, I'm busy preparing for exams for several days starting tomorrow. I wonder how many people had clicked on the old link and were not aware of the change?

(9 Sep 2008 edit: Further updates regarding the progress of updating URLs can be found at my updates blog.)


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