Playing around with transparent PNG images

Using the same program to create my vector drawings and overlaping & resizing of images that I have extracted so far, along with a photo as a background, you can get the above as the result.

I'm busy preparing for something from now until Wednesday night, so I won't be blogging much.

Btw, I think what happened the most recent part of the story I'm working on is happening kind of too sudden that I don't know how to contunue. In fact, it seems that I got sidetracked too much. But then again, continuing it would again leave me with choices that are earlier mentioned here. Since it got too messed up, I think it would best that I were to redo from part 4 or end there and start another. Also, I can't stand doing this story: it makes me want to touch certain parts of my body and feel strange when just thinking on what to type. Maybe that's why parts 6 & 7 turns out to be like that.

I shouldn't let images that I put up at posts influence what I want to type, especially when writing a story.


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