Major makeover to the blog layout

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I spent most of my time today doing a makeover to one of my most neglected blogs. It's based on the "Ocean Mist" template I found somewhere. The HTML code for it is for the Blogger XML version (newer one, where you can move widgets around).

If you were to look at at the above link and the above screenshot, you would notice very little resemblance. That's because I made the images of the template myself and edited the code so that it would fit in nicely. However, it's still not complete, because I can't seem to find the code for the width of the post as I had increased the overall width from 750px to 1000px. Because of that, widgets that are supposed to appear directly below the posts would appear in the empty space between the post and the sidebar on the right. (The area where you see "Yukari Takahashi's network" in the screenshot above) So far, this only happens in Mozilla Firefox.

Because this code involves selecting the "Expend Widget Templates" checkbox, unlike other blogs with the same codebase, existing widgets have to be deleted and have to start over. Of course, you can still copy the widgets code from the old one (with the checkbox enabled), but with such long complicated code, only an expert would bother. The alternative is to copy the HTML code of each individual widget and paste them to somewhere (like notepad) and then put them back after inserting the new layout, but you would have nightmares if you have a very long link list (the non-table version of my "New Anime" list is an example), unless it was entered as "HTML/Javascript" or "Rich Text" in the first place (for the latter, you would need to view it as HTML when copying). Stuff like blog archives and "About Me" can be added easily though.

If you were wondering what the same blog looked before the makeover, here's a screenshot that was taken less than 2 weeks ago:

Yes, it was that terrible. Too much pink/red everywhere. So terrible that I, as one of the authors of that blog, would not even want to look at it. You wouldn't even believe that this screenshot is of the same blog as the one at the top.

I should be doing the same for the Japanese version, but only after trying to fix the problem about the blog posts mentioned above and backing up stuff there.

PS. There also seems to be something wrong with the vector I did yesterday.


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