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To tell you the truth, I don't really know what I would do after graduating from school next year. Well, obviously I should enter a college institute, but what if I were not be able to or end up in a course I wouldn't do well in?

In any case, the places where I go to school seems to get further and further away from home. Kindergarten was only a few meters away, primary school on the other side of town, and secondary education (junior and senior high schools) 2-6 towns away with open areas and/or the city downtown area in-between. Colleges that I could go into can range from the next town to the other side of the country or even overseas!

In any case, I have to do something for about two years. I don't know when it will happen, but it can range from next year to 3-4 years from now, depending on my studies. I can't say what it is, but I am most likely not be able to blog regularly (a few times in a year) due to commitments to it.

Speaking of being in the final year, other than my peers and the school staff, it's kind of scary to have people calling (or treating) me as a senior. Well, I don't know. I would certainly miss a lot of people, the things and places I like to do in school. The same like what happened in primary and middle school. In any case, meeting people whom I had met (that I can remember) after graduating, can be quite difficult and most of the time, next to never.

(But then again, I am starting to hate this boring place and move to somewhere far away by earliest 5 years from now. Maybe it's the lack of exciting things or change, maybe it's the climate, maybe it's for work, maybe it's the attitude of the people around here. In any case I don't seem to fit in, not even with the people I stay with.)

So many huge decisions lie in front of me that can make a difference in my life and how little I know on what to do. Well, let's be glad on how fortunate I am and not comparing with people who are better off, though I should aim towards what I want to be.

PS, Sorry if I'm rude, but I don't see why there are people of a particular religion are fasting around this time. The reason doesn't seem convincing to me. I don't practice it myself, but I don't think I would even last a few hours if I do.


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