Discovered a new route to get home from school

(related to this November 2007 post)

At the bus stop mentioned at Kathib MRT mentioned above, I could also take 39 or 858 in additon to 969.

For svc 39, it goes along TPE, and goes around Pasir Ris before heading towards Tampines where I alight at the same bus stop (blk 303/opp Tampines East CC) as svc 59 towards bishan and walk from there. There is only 1 transfer here, but since it travells through pasir ris and have to walk about 900m along the busy road (Tampines St 31 and Simei Road) to reach home. Not sure how long.

For svc 858, I would travel to Changi Airport and then transfer to svc 24 from there (I noticed it's less crowded, with places to sit, than 969; maybe it's the off-peak period). Over there, i could either alight opp Budget terminal and take the underpass to the other side, or go 2-4 stops further down at the terminals (PTB 3 being first, PTB 1 being second, and PTB 2 being third) with security checks when entering each terminal and transfer there. (I think I would alight at T3 and go to T2 or the bus stop mentioned earlier because of the number of security checks). On svc 24, alight at the bus stop on Upp Changi Road East opposite what was mentioned if I took it from Ang Mo Kio and walk about 600m through landed houses and a park (along Jalan Pelatok). Not sure how long from school, but if I take the bus from opp Kathib and then all the way to PTB 2, past the security checks, transfer from there and walk home from that stop, it would take about 45min.

I didn't mentioned this earlier because I didn't measure the distance. Now that I have, if I were to walk from Simei MRT, I would have to walk for about 760m. From school to/from Bishan MRT, it would be 670m if via the interchange and Junction 8 with high human traffic, or 820m if via the Swimming pool complex with very little human traffic (and peaceful).

Based on the compiled data, here are the results with negative points in rounded bracakets:
(Note: 1 transfer = 2 svcs, 4 transfers = 5 svcs)

Less than 30mins:
  • Car/Taxi via PIE and Toa Payoh/CTE (most expensive; need to deal with the morning traffic en route)
About 1 hour:
  • Take MRT from Bishan to Simei via City Hall [if from North-South line] or Paya Lebar [if via Circle line; closer to Simei than City Hall] stations . (can't get a seat and is crowded most of the time; might not be able to board in evenings; Circle line is not yet open)
  • Take 59 from Bishan interchange to Tampines East CC (could be faster if it didn't go in circles at toa payoh and Ubi/Kaki Bukit areas; longest (and most unhealthy) route between the alighting bus stop and house; might get stuck in areas with high traffic)
  • Take MRT from Bishan to Kathib and take 858 to Changi Airport [or the 2nd bus stop before PTB3] and then 24 from there. (there is security check when entering each terminal since it is an international airport; there are 2-3 transfers)
About 1hr 30min:
  • Take svc 53 from Bishan int [or opp sch] and transfer to svc 9 or 12 at Loyang Ave [opp Blk 149A; a multi-story carpark] and alight at the stop right outside my house. (passes through a lot of resdential areas like Serangoon, Hougang and Pasir Ris which makes it crowded around there)
  • Take svc 58 from Bishan int [or opp Bishan MRT] and alight somewhere in the Kaki Bukit area before transfering to another bus like 5, 8 and 59. (the transfer points are kind of like in the middle of nowhere and it passes through areas with a lot of [long-term] road diversions and heavy traffic)
  • Take MRT from Bishan to Kathib and take 969 to Tampines int and then 38 from there. (can't seem to get a seat most of the time)
  • Take MRT from Bishan to Kathib and take 39 to Tampines Blk 303 and walk from there. (why must it go through pasir ris?)
  • Take 53 from Bishan Int [or opp sch] and transfer to 103 around Serangoon MRT to Selatar Camp at Jln Kayu, Take 39 or 858 from there and you know the rest. (that would make the number of transfers between 2 to 4 in addition to the problems mention about each svcs mentioned earlier.)
  • Take 24 from Ang Mo Kio int (somehow) and alight at Upp Changi Road East somewhere after the Shell petrol station there and before the expressway. (pointless to take it unless there is a train break down between Paya Lebar and Tanah Merah MRT stations since it runs parallel to it; passes through a lot of divertions and heavy traffic [the same road as svc 58] before Paya Lebar MRT)
About 2hrs or more:
  • Take MRT to Woodlands MRT and then take 168 or 969 from there. Then, in Tampines Central take the MRT there or svc 38. (might not be able to board 168 from there and between Woodlands and Yishun, svc 969 passes through a lot of neighbourhood areas that drag the travelling time longer)
  • Take MRT to Orchard and then svc 5 from there. (it passes around the outskirts of toa payoh but I don't know how to get there from int, so I end up going in circles. Until near SAFRA/ITE Tampines, it runs parallel to svc 59)
I think i'm spending too much time on this post already, so I'm ending it here.

I have been seeing more of this bus lately, with most of them from the interchanges in the Central District and passing through Orchard Road.

PS, I started this post at 10:50pm and finished it at 1:00am (2hr 10min)


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