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Chasing After Rainbows: so high.... -_-0

01 February 2007

so high.... -_-0

The total number of views for my profiles for the month of January 2007 is 830 (349+123+358).

Not long ago, at the end of the month, the numbers for one profile alone barely even reach 100. The irony is that the one with the highest views (asuna888) is my main profile and it accepts only people whom i am close with.

If you want to add me there, use haiqal1989@yahoo.co.jp (yes, with a .jp). However, if you know me well, use my Windows Live (MSN) messenger e-mail adress or use my (real) last name to the main account (asuna888). (Hint1: I think it is stated in white text in somewhere in one of my blogs and on my wikipedia userpage) (Hint2: アジス)

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