What a week

Monday: the 3rd term of school has started. There were new subjects: Intermidate Accounting and Business Stastics. Had problems with payment of the books of the later and did not receive it on that day. A friend told me to bring my laptop from wednesday to friday for the project "Money Sense"

Tuesday: I kind of knew this a few weeks ago but today was decleared a holiday for recgintion of efforts by Harvard University (was it in the US or the UK?). This did came out in the media. My secondary friend (Mark) offered me to go out with him the previous day. Ate at MacDonalds and then walked around White Sands (Pasir Ris) before deciding to go to Compass Point (Sengkang). Took 88 from the interchange and alighted the bus stop after the TPE (should have alighted the one just after that; nearer and less roads to cross) and walked to Compassvale (SE1) LRT station and reach the destination. There wasnt much to do there, so we end up going to a job agency in Nee Ann City (Takashimaya Shopping Center) in orchard. (Not sure if my friend notices, but between Little India and Dhoby Gaught in the direction towards HarbourFront, there are images of fishes in the tunnel on the left (exit is on the right)). Went to Punggol and suggested to take the LRT to Cove (PE1) since service 3 outside the MRT goes a long route before reaching Cove LRT stn. Was raining heavily.

Wednesday: Back to school. Had to come to sch at 7am despite it staring at 9:15am for sc duties. IAC teacher said that there may be no lesson tomorrow. Paid $5.65 for the Business Statics (see monday) book. Lessons ended at around 1pm but had something going on at 3:30pm. The person who i was going to meet called me to go to the auditorium (A2-01) at 3pm (with my laptop). Watch some american movie taking place in 1994 on racial conflics which indirectly leads to many people dropping out of high school. (whites, blacks, jewish, gangs, and family problems). Talked about stuff after that, 3 of us went out to eat and did not reached home until 9pm. (See? I spent 13 hours in school while my classmates only spent 4hours on that day. About 3x longer). Father bought me food, but was too full to eat.

Thursday: After school, went to the same room yesterday (where we discussed about stuff; B2-08). Was playing a 16:9 video on my laptop and changed the aspect ratio to 4:3 and then to 16:10 (the ratio of my screen) in VLC player when he asked me on how i acheive that "effect". (Why the hell is he excied over such a thing?) The whole thing ended at 5pm. For some reason my friend (same as mon and wed) offered me to "talk to me about something while he eat" (His food came late). I actually think it's a waste of time. Reached home at 7pm. Ate the food from last night.

Friday: Lesson ended at 11am. Did not have anything to do until 2:30pm and went to the sc room. At 12nn, my friend (same as thu) called me and went to his class to discuss yesterdays stuff. Then asked me to play the GTA:SA game and commented on how "high defination" it is and the amount of money I spent on it (how dumb is he? I downloaded it). Went back to sc rm. Connected my laptop to the router of the other 2 pcs in that room (they were in use) for the internet. Wei Long suddenly wanted to use my laptop to "edit" his blog and let other people use it until it was close to 2:30pm. Then the training was still as crazy as during the holidays, but no "full attendence" or (feel like) the duration was long. Then continued doing stuff (including editing my blogs) before the training (though some had left) until 5pm. Did not edit what Lawson (same as mon, wed & thu) told me to do in the afternoon until midnight as I fell asleep after reaching home at 6pm (7:30pm actually; did stuff inbetween).


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