Europe trip peperation: Camera

I'm preparing the camera for my trip, so I am gathering all the SD memory cards the camera uses. Check the battery, charge it, and such.

Found several mini and micro SD cards that are, at most, 2GB. Ugh... these tiny, easy-to-lose cards... At least I have the adaptor that turns it into a regular SD card. The camera may come with 2 8GB SDHC cards, but on a holiday, I want to reduce the inconvenience of changing it and, if I'm not near a computer I could use, have enough space for more shots. Oh well, something is better than nothing.

The camera is a normal point-and-shoot kind, 12.1 mega-pixels, 1080p video recording (with the capacity of those <2GB cards I mentioned earlier, that works out to less than 5 minutes. Total. With nothing else on it.). I had used it for my travels last year (2012) and I kind of like it better than other cameras I had used. What I liked is the 4x optical zoom. Handy for taking pictures of animals (or people) without getting too close and risk them running away. As a future proof, it supporting SDHC means that I can use up to 32GB for SDHC cards, or 2TB (2000GB) with SDXC cards. Sadly, I currently do not have any readers that supports SDXC besides this camera.

I am bring a phone with a camera, but unless there is something wrong with the other camera (usually low battery) or happen to be holding it when an easy-to-miss opportunity comes, I won't be using much.

Why do I not like using the phone camera? Here's a list of it:
  • No optical zoom, only digital zoom
  • Not responsive, or vulnerable to being interrupted by phone calls
  • Need to look at the screen to take picture because the button is there and you can't feel it
    • There are ones that lets you use a hardware button, but it's not really comfortable to press.
  • Memory is shared by other apps
  • To change memory card, you need to either turn it off, or navigate to the settings somewhere to unmount it before safely removing it. Oh, did I say that you need to remove the cover at the back of the phone to get to it, and the memory card is that annoyingly tiny micro SD card?

While preparing, dad gave me an 8 megapixel camera that uses 2 AA batteries instead of a rectangular thin rechargeable battery, which my analog cameras and my first digital camera uses. The camera is twice as thick as the first camera I mentioned here. Unclear if that is due to battery or the (unknown) era the camera is from. I doubt this thing could even record 480p, or if it could, having the battery to die out in the middle of it.

Although it has an 8GB SDHC card inside, it doesn't support SDHC. I know because it worked when I used those micro SD cards with adapter mentioned above. Doing optical zoom produces a loud mechanical sound. I don't really like this camera. Had taken some pictures with it, but had not viewed it on PC.

So, I took that 8GB SDHC card an used it as an additional memory card. Total now adds up to about 32GB, but I'm not sure if that is enough.


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