Story 9 Part 3

It’s been a few days since I’ve first met Yanagi. We exchanged messages daily to talk about things. It was the first thing I did so she knows I’m interested in getting to know her better.

Her reply to my first message suggested that she wasn’t expecting it so soon, with the tone of the message, and time she took to type a response being disproportionately longer than what she eventually sent, I’m sensing she has some girl problems. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to ask about it, but I know people won’t reveal their personal issues if not asked. Girls can be quite cryptic as they could say “I’m fine” while clearly agonising.

Yanagi clearly has a room in her apartment dedicated to streaming with camera pointing at her and whatever’s behind, with the PC clearly custom built for gaming, but she never mentioned anything about what she does for a living. I suspected she may be streaming games to a popular gaming streaming service, but without even a username, finding her stream can be hard. There’s no way I can check while I’m working.

I figured she must be well known to put the effort to have her room decorated, so I look through the top streamers by view count, using language filters. She didn’t appear in the Japanese streamers. Recalling her Korean ancestry, I tried Korean language. Sure enough, she’s listed among the top.

She’s playing some multiplayer shooting game I’m not familiar with. The background confirms she was using that room, and is wearing an outfit I saw that was on the hangars just outside the camera’s field of view. I don’t know Korean to know what she’s talking about or the text of what her audience say, but it sure is moving quickly.

This streaming website lets you see her past streams in the past year. I watch her streams from before I met her to see how she’s usually like: Her body shape and body language didn’t have that same feminine aura as the first day I saw her, but otherwise interacted with her audience no different than today.

From her streaming pattern, I see she streams fairly regularly in the evenings that normally ends past midnight. I find this odd as that would mean that replies I got from her had happen during the stream.

I looked back to the streams around when I met her: there were consecutive days she wasn’t streaming on days she would usually stream in the days before my arrival, with the stream right before that happened with her in agony and ending the stream early. I wonder how long she laid in bed before I arrived?

However, something about her seemed different in the first stream after I met her, yet I can't put a finger as to what that is. She was wearing the same jogging outfit I saw her wearing that day and said something in Korean (which I don’t understand) in a sad and frustrated tone. Already at this point, I can sense the more feminine body language that her later streams has, but earlier streams lacked.

She read the stream comments for a bit before she commented on one of them. Her face wears the expression of needing to relief her bladder, but she pointed at her face indicating that she is aware of it herself. To explain why she didn’t, she stood up and took off her jogging pants, revealing the skirt she had underneath. From the tone of her voice and being in the verge of tears, it’s as if the skirt itself is the cause for her bladder issue. The chat text moved quickly, with emoticons suggesting shock. I don’t understand how a piece of clothing one could easily lift up be a problem in using the toilet, especially when almost all women wear it. Her “I want to use the toilet badly” face got worse in later streams, but totally eliminated in the current ongoing broadcast.

This made me want to talk to her about this, but seeing that, in the latter part of this broadcast, she texted to me (the first reply I got from her) live on camera, I’m not so sure. While she never mentioned to her audience what she was doing on her phone, she did utter out in Japanese a bit of the message I sent to her that night, contrasting from her usual Korean. She didn’t disrupt her gaming until break to read it, but is clearly on her mind from the moment she heard the notification alert from her phone that is quite distinct from other alerts.

I don't know what to make of this. While she did reveal a lot of things publicly to an audience that speak a different language, I don’t know how she would react if I brought up what she revealed on this stream. As someone she wants to be in a relationship, she could be wanting to reveal it to me herself, but also fearful that I could reject her in response. She may have explained what happened to her, but not knowing the Korean she was explaining in, I don’t understand what she said any more than the expression from how she said it, which doesn't seem good.


For the following week, we talked on the phone like the changes to Yanagi's body never happened, but there's only so far either of us could pretend. Say anything relating to clothing, and she'll get uncomfortable on the very idea of being dressed specifically for it. Say anything about our relationship, and she would have the tone suggesting that we cannot be in a romantic relationship, but yet desire devoting all her love to me. She's a strange woman, but she's trying hard not to.

To be honest, I've never seen her in person since the day I met her. We only texted and make calls since, until today when she randomly showed up at my doorstep on my off days unannounced. It was raining heavily outside, with only a short shelter at my front door to shelter from the rain. She didn't have an umbrella, so she's wet— wait… something's not quite right about her clothes.

She's wearing a summer school uniform that contained bits I've seen before, including the skirt she was complaining about in that live stream. The weird thing was how dry it was despite coming in from a downpour.

"Ah, Ichinomiya-kun! What a coincidence that a random house I chose to seek shelter from the rain that just so happens to be yours! What are the odds of that!"

I sensed she was saying that from a line she rehearsed. What are the chances of accidentally stumbling into my house that is in the middle of a densely populated neighbourhood in the opposite direction from the centre of Tokyo from her home? Was she actually waiting for heavy rain to happen since that day to do this act?

Sensing my unimpressed reaction, she said, "okay, okay. A mutual friend we both know, not revealing who, gave me your address."

I can't think of anyone but mom who would know that I'm living here, but does she even know her? I doubt it. However, I did write down my present address in a lot of places to be able to even have a clue other than them knowing me. With delivery courier as my job, remembering who among those frequently interacted is just hard.

Yanagi continued, "but what is true is that I do want to see your face. It's been a while that my… strange fantasies about you has eroded my memory of how you actually looked." Yanagi blushed and looked away at that unexpected pause.

Her looking away from me has drawn my eye attention to her breasts: they were a pair of perfect half-spheres that just drew my attention, even with the clothes over them. It's men's nature to be attracted to a pretty woman, who is right in front of me in my house on her own account, which is telling how much she likes me. However, I do not get the sexual excitement vibe from her at all.

Yanagi: "I know this is the part where you tell me to take off my wet clothes before I catch a cold, but as bizarre as I find it myself, I can't take them off, and both me and my clothes are already dry. It's the curse of being a transformed person, like that celebrity you may have heard about."

She's become one of those people who turned into a new human being who grew clothes on them like they are an extension of their skin. This meant they cannot be removed, but I'm more intrigued at how it resembled actual manufactured clothes for women that wouldn’t stand out, as opposed to a formless plain-coloured body rubber suit. Wait… that’s not office clothing.

Me: “Say, why does your outfit look like a summer school uniform? Everyone else has office clothes instead.”

I don’t know of any transformed person outside the Tokyo area to know of any other variations, but until I saw Nanami, I thought office attire was the only one.

Yanagi: “You have to look at what is the most common clothes women wear in daytime of a certain area: office clothes that are a bit on the formal side. As for why mine is a school uniform instead, and a summer variant specifically, I could only think of the town I grew up in the warm south. Women there wear so many different clothes that it made school uniforms being the highest number of similar clothes being worn, hence why it was chosen. Going by that theory, that makes everyone else we see growing up here in Tokyo, or other places where office clothes are commonly worn.“

If that’s the formula to determine what clothes gets worn, that would make people from my hometown to be school uniforms too. It has a number of prestigious schools, but I live at the border area where I feel more attached to the neighbouring town, so I don’t see those schools as being in my hometown. Their uniforms has the prestige look to it that are more suited to the colder weather of the far north. The town has many houses of high-income families who probably moved there because of the schools. The only low or medium income families like mine live at the outer edges as a result of someone’s crazy idea of drawing the border in the middle of residential areas instead of around them.

Me: "Say, if men were turned into what you are now, and you seeing no changes apart from your clothes being stuck on you, isn’t everyone female?"

Yanagi: "Yes and no. We appear female on the outside, but we are technically genderless as we have nothing between our legs. Sure it’s nice that I can’t be raped, but I cannot urinate either.”

I thought back to her live streams where she wore a face of needing the toilet that gets worse over time. But one day, she looked like she finally did it.

Me: “So how did you do it?”

Yanagi looked at me strangely. She hadn’t told me about the struggle of holding her bladder in past her tolerance as she has no ability to let it out, not even a leak.

Yanagi: “Well, it comes out of a new place that needs external suction power to work. There’s nothing I can do on my end as I have no muscle control over it. If I do have new reproductive organs at where my bladder comes out from, I shudder to think how…"

That last sentence made her mind go mush as arousal took over as she unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts sprang out from the confines of it. She never opened it wider to take it off. She then thrust her exposed breasts at my bare chest repeatedly as if desperate to compress them for some reason.

Me: "…what are you doing?"

Yanagi: “I don’t know. My body is trying to interact with another set of breasts it thinks you have. I can no longer think of men. If I tried, I’d only see other women-shaped people like me.”

Me: “So you’re saying that you can’t think of me in your dreams?”

But that can’t be right. She wouldn’t be in this state she is now, and here in my house on her own account without me having given my address to her prior to it.

Yanagi: “Well, I can remember you as you are, but if I tried thinking of sex with you, it gets turned into lesbian sex with some schoolgirl. I don’t know who she is, but it's always the same girl that replaces you in my imagination. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much considering I am unable to sexually imagine men. Your replacement has a winter blazer uniform that is more similar to formal business outfit. I don’t know if the silky-smooth black pantyhose was part of it, but it’s the most distinguishing feature of her that I remembered. She struggles to interact with me with her slippery legs and a skirt that doesn’t allow her legs to get between me, but I do admire her forcing herself to try stretching her legs wider than what her skirt allows. The unbreakable nature of the clothes meant she need not worry about it tearing apart, but also can't break free of it.”

While vague in details, it is matching up my earlier theory of how people from my hometown would be dressed if transformed. Black pantyhose is the most commonly worn item among women wearing skirts there to keep their otherwise unprotected legs warm. They wear it like it’s a pair of socks, but going all the way up to her hips. I wonder if this girl that Yanagi described is actually my transformed counterpart? After all, she just told me she couldn’t dream of men but yet still desire me. I'd be worried if the clothes she described would be what I’ll actually be wearing if I get transformed. However, the level of coincidence is too high to be otherwise, considering that I never told her the specific town I’m from.

Me: "Hey, I noticed that you weren't moving your hips at all, and doing it while still sitting upright."

She stared at me, looking at my surroundings, then she looked down at her legs before looking back at me like she found herself in a weird pose after snapping out of a trance. Then she move back to lie on my couch.

Yanagi: "You're right. I didn't notice this myself. I thought I was on top of you because I swear it felt like sex to me, albeit a frustratingly unsatisfying one.“

We rested for a while. No sounds but the heavy rain outside was heard, which drowned out any other sounds. About a minute after we began resting, Yanagi's blouse buttoned up by themselves in violent way that there's no way she couldn't have not noticed, but I guess she wouldn’t if it’s a common occurrence to her.

Me: "Say, what is with your clothes? Just now, your blouse buttoned up themselves and, even earlier, you were completely dry despite coming in from a heavy downpour."

Yanagi: "The clothes want me to appear well dressed at all times, so they do whatever it takes to not let me deviate from that. There’s nothing stopping me from wearing anything else on top of it, but it can get uncomfortable or look awful, depending on the default clothing that appear. I got lucky with summer school clothing compared to those with office lady suits: I don't have additional layers of clothing or a tight skirt to worry about, and not noticeable if I wore anything, except dresses, over it."

She looked around and saw the desk mom would do her paperwork when she's here, that is also littered with feminine stuff on it. Yanagi seemed curious about the clothes rack nearby that contains my mom's old clothes from before she married that she left behind here, as well as more recent spare travel and business for emergencies. Those spare clothes never saw being used by her all these years.

Yanagi sniffed the clothes and looked around the rest of the house: it does give the impression of a couple instead of a family living here as this was mom’s old place before she got married with her stuff littered about with my stuff mixed in. I'm afraid it's looking like she could think that a girl owns this place and I’m just camping here when she’s not around.

Yanagi: "Say, do you cross-dress? These clothes seemed for a woman older than me, but has your body odour on them... These are your mother’s clothes? Hmm. Not sure how similar your mother’s scent is to yours.”

She was looking at me with a smug face. I was expecting an angry face instead.

Me: "Well…"

To tell you the truth I did wear them. Some were worn all day on days where I’m highly certain no one would come knocking on my door.

Yanagi: "Come on. I know all of my male relatives would want to wear female clothes. They would have it secretly stash female clothes somewhere, or would wear those of any females living in the same house. I’m half expecting my clothes back home in Fukuoka to have been worn by them.”

Me: "I can't help help it! They were just sitting there within reach not being worn. Mom only comes here on her way to the other side of the country or overseas. Even then, she never touched any of the spare clothes here..."

She kissed me out of nowhere. I can sense she has a burning desire for me that she could not hold it in.


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