Buggy layout to be replaced

Well, the layout I made slightly more than a month ago for the English version of the anime blog does look nice, but there appears to be problems as when I try to fill it to the entire area of the blog, it would bring problems in other areas. That's the main reasons why I didn't apply it to the Japanese version and only changed the background images and colour.

Speaking of that area, if I were to put a widget below the post (not at the very bottom of the blog though), the first widget would mysteriously appear in the empty space of the topmost post below the title of that post. The same might apply to the link to post a comment. Other problems includes the content appearing from the right of the header, especially text/HTML widgets. I tried to fix it, but I can't seem to find the cause of the problem or more problems would happen.

I'm thinking of using the current layout of this blog and modify it somewhat: the left sidebar would be removed and the other would be widen (in percentage terms). And if I can figure out how to do so, I would also use the tab-like navigation bar, the border, and a separate area just above the banner image, similar to the buggy layout.

As editing XML layouts for Blogger is more complicated than the classic ones, another blog would be used during construction.

I had also changed the way my drawings are displayed: they are now in a (HTML) table instead of the scrolling one (marquee). Reason was that for the latter, the images would not even start to scroll until you hover the mouse over them and then away. Also, on Webkit-based browsers (Apple Safari, Google Chrome) only the first few would be visible and the rest hidden. The amount of images per row depends on your browser window size, but I would try to optimize for full screen @ 1024*768. I haven't decide if I should have a thumbnail per square grid or just a straight row with varying widths but with standardized height that would flow accordingly as you resize your browser, something like the earlier version.

21 October 2008 21:44 edit: The change is complete. (details)


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