still feeling sleepy

As mentioned in the previous post, I am still feeling sleepy but had more sleeping time. The thing is that I am feeling even more sleepier.

I couldn't concentrate in class with all that tiredness. To make matters worse, there was physical classes today with running. I then reached home in the evening, dead tired. It's a good thing I took the bus home instead of the subway: I find it hard to find a place to sit on the train these days from the crowd and all that tiredness, even during off-peak times or the least crowded parts of the train.

I think I better start sleeping earlier and watch recorded late night anime later on. Seeing that I sleep for 9 hours (2AM to 11AM) on days I have nothing until mid-afternoon onwards, I think I should start sleeping from 9PM onwards.

P.S. It seems that Yukari didn't like the new layout I put up on our drawings blog earlier. Hmm...


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