Alternate Dimension (Part 51)

I found out that this Fatt Guk name that Takagi mentioned actually refers to the Hong Kong division of the Hatsuya institute as a result of reading the kanji wrongly when registering the official name there. I'm mysteriously still alive after being shot in the head somehow. The story that was told to everyone was that it was not fatal enough for me to die, but the actual truth is very fatal. The part of my brain that is damaged only made me forget... something. If I know what it was, that wouldn't be counted as forgotten. They did tell me what it was, but my brain can't process what is missing as though it never knew what it was. Although I still need bandages around my head and legs, I was discharged from hospital three months later and they sent me back to Kamisugi. They said that I would be able to resume back as before the incident within 4 years the most. However, the 3 months means that I've missed the school festival in September, and the winter vacation is not too far away: it's already the end of November.

So, with my disability of... whatever I'm unable to see or hear, as evident by bumping into something I can't see or hearing names of schoolmates I never knew I had in my unusually empty classroom. Oh, and this also applies to ads I see on the streets or on TV. My position as the computer club president forced me to address issues to include whatever these invisible beings are. Thankfully, there are people who took over me during my absence.

Takagi: "I am Takagi, who was a member of this club until I graduated last year. Most of the second and third year students would know me. With Takizawa Yuichi appointed as the vice-president...

Takizawa Yuichi. Where have I heard of that name before? One of the people I was able to see, but can't now? Also, in the club's history, I actually have an interpreter. Takagi, Sakurai Kazumi, and whoever else who visited me, explained my condition. Everyday, Kazumi would help to push me to where I live. The streets seemed unusually empty, and I see cars being driven by themselves.

The end of the week usually means that my other half would pick me up and bring me to somewhere using my car that is usually parked outside. I know that their name is Itsuki, but I don't remember what they look like as this is the first time meeting Itsuki after I left for Hong Kong in August.

Just as expected, I saw my car with the passenger door swinging back and forth. I really can't see my other half other than sensing its presence. Unsure if my other half is even there, I spoke to the swinging door.

Me: "I'm not sure if I'm talking to myself or something I can't see, but are you my other half, Itsuki Hisakawa?"

It really does feel like I'm talking to myself. At this point, the door stopped swinging momentarily and I received a message on my phone. It's a picture of me taken a few seconds ago from my car with "Yes, I knew you couldn't see or hear me." as the message. There really is someone there. It also said that I should hop in as my other half brought me to somewhere where I could see Itsuki. I wonder where, and how?

As I sat in the passenger seat, I became nervous. I touched the empty space on my right and I really could feel something solid, but it looks like there's absolutely nothing there to my eyes. I knew that something's not right with how I'm seeing things. Also, I also find it odd that there are a lot of vocal-less music or parts of songs. As for the news, I only hear the familiar tune, but with abrupt silence or female voices only at where I thought people are saying something. Next thing I noticed. was that Itsuki was following directions to Mizuho Girls' High (瑞穂女子高校). It's quite similar to Mihara Academy in terms of how nice the place is. The "High School" part of the name is somewhat misleading as there are research organizations, offices, large specialized shops, and degree courses that are set up in there. Still smaller when compared to Mihara in terms of size, and I find the lack of fencing around the perimeter and a pointless gate at the entrance quite odd. Maybe that gate is where the nameplate is put up and let people know that they are entering private property. But what are we doing here anyway?

Just as we went through the gates, a young woman in her early twenties suddenly appeared on my right, driving my car that appeared to not have anyone but me in the passenger seat. She looked like the older version of me with a lab coat over what seemed like and oddly coloured business attire for women. Hold on. I may not remember what my other self look like, but it's certainly not this attractive woman. Oddly enough, the kanji for Itsuki (伊月) is commonly used as a female given name. There are other kanji for "Itsuki" as a given name that is gender-neutral like 逸喜, but the 伊月 kanji? Recalling back about what mom said during the summer holidays, I think I could theorize of the reason, but it contradicts why my counterpart of the other dimension is called Saeko instead. I think my parents were to emotional to think properly or chose that as the kanji is easier to write.

Woman who I thought was Itsuki: "Saeko, can you see and hear me now? I'm not used to this feeling associated with my abrupt change of appearance each time I enter the Mizuho campus ever since I was transferred to my new workplace in there because of you, though it's partly my fault for sending you there alone for a task that I was supposed to do. And, yes, I am Itsuki. Your other self from before the 2005 incident."

This woman is Itsuki, but not in the supposedly original male form that my eyes can't see or hear. That doesn't explain why I could suddenly see you.

Me: "Er, yeah. This place is kind of strange isn't it, to be completely void of guys and male facilities."

Itsuki: "There are, but this magic upon entering transforms them into graceful girls and makes the male facilities pointless. Even I have to use the female toilet when in here, but nobody blinks an I am technically a girl in here. You might even have heard of the school or any of the companies based inside employing/enrolling guys for quite a while, but you don't see them at all. Also, this doesn't wear off even after stepping out until you are at a area where no human is watching you, including via cameras that might be concealed or other students of the same school. You will know more if you attend this school. But for now, let's just take this as heading to the lab to try to fix you. After all, you do want to be healed quicker than the 4-year period they gave you. "

I touched Itsuki at the same area as when I was unable to see. It feels different from when I couldn't see, but they are real and not some optical illusion. How on earth is that possible?

Itsuki: "Hey, I know you are curious about my transformation, but you don't need to do that for the second time just because of what I just said. I'm driving this car you know."

I did not answer. Itsuki suddenly appearing in a form that I could see still amazes me. Itsuki parked my car somewhere not far from the entrance and walked from there as there are only footpaths that lead further inside the campus. I've never been in here before, so I don't even know where anything is.

As I walk around, it feels like the world outside the school grounds does not exist. It fells like he's taking me a sight-seeing tour as we walk past the gymnasium, cafeteria, auditorium, dormitory (which is quite big), swimming pools, and club areas. Since it's still the last school day of the week, there are students roaming around with club activities or at the shops. Then again, I don't know if they stay at the dormitory here. Except for those in sports attire, I don't see anyone running around or riding a bicycle. They are also wearing the same maroon blazer over a white blouse, blue ribbon, with black skirt with red lines that Itsuki is wearing underneath the white coat. This blazer is replaced with a very dark blue vest and the colour schemes of the skirt switched for summer.

Itsuki: "Everyone except other middle and high school visitors has to wear that, including activities like swimming, judo, tea ceremony, and acting, but wearing clothes on top of it is allowed. The skirt that is part of the uniform, however, is designed to force your legs to be close together at all times and prevent you from being able to run or sit cross-legged, which is why there are limited sports clubs here, but unlocks during external competitions. You could only change at the bedroom of your house and are therefore irremovable at other locations, including the socks and shoes. They are tight, but strangely comfortable. As for the toilet, you can only lift up your skirt and remove your panties to use it. Like the same way to prevent trespassers, complaining about what they are forced to wear wouldn't even be on their minds. They would either claim to like it or change subjects if you talk about it here. I was able to talk about it freely to you as we are both employees of the company that is behind this phenomenon and inside where it takes place. If you talked to me about it outside this place, I would likely to say something along the lines of not knowing what you are talking about. I can speak about what I do here, but not about how I look. Photos and videos are allowed, but is subject to remote modification, depending on how it's used."

What? Doesn't the activities Itsuki mentioned require a change of clothes? It's strange to have to wear the uniform for those, but I did hear Mizuho ranking quite high in national competitions, including swimming, but doesn't that mean that you can't use your legs to swim properly, or is it a way to strengthen your legs that would be unlocked at completions? Also, the uniform is quite troublesome to change into or out of, especially when wet from swimming. Also, that last part explains why I don't hear people talk about it before.

Itsuki: "In case you are wondering, the clothing technology is similar to what you are wearing all these years, but with the lack of being able to be controlled or the invincibility you have. That's how you won't feel hot in summer or get wet at all after swimming. In fact, it repels sweat, stain, and odour so effectively out of your body and clothes, that you don't need to take a bath or wash the uniform during for the entire time of studying here. This makes up for the fact that you can't remove any part of your uniform anywhere."

It's like indirectly saying that they are overly protected from being raped or photographed from below by locking out their body from anything, including themselves. A dark secret behind this school.

Chapter 11

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[Author's note: I am trying to get away from the suggestive content that I may have written due to my state of mind at that time and hopefully corrected at some point in time, along with conflicting events of the story that may have occurred.]


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