Buying a PS3

Seeing that buying the upgrade disc of Windows 7 Home Premium didn't go through so well after I saw the price and it having the controversial copy protection on it, it just isn't worth my money on it.

So, since I've been wanting a PS3 since it's launch and me being deprived of happiness inside me for a long time (years, in fact), it seems a better choice.

I know it seems silly to compare an operating system upgrade disc with a gaming console (plays blu-Ray too), but both are something I have been wanting and costs a lot. Having used Ubuntu before, that first option doesn't seem likely.

I've observed some issues like the 1st March 2010 clock issue, the recent removal of the OtherOS feature, and other issues. But these doesn't matter to me. I've also been looking around for the prices too. I know of places that sell cheaper, but those are usually the last I would check. Also, I have to check if it's the original version or the newer slim version. Since I already have the bulky PS2, I'm also not corcerned about backward compatibility with older games.

Since not all stores have all titles (eg. the game that I want might not be in the store I might buy the console at), I have to weight some factors: price, avability, and how long the game has been out. Older games might be cheaper, but are not easy to find.

I gave up talking to my parents about this since they never make me happy during my growing up years and now that I've grown up and earning money. Even when I told them that I'm using my own money, they think that I would want to use theirs.

(For your info, they know little about technology and I, as their child, has no idea on teaching them. Mom is simply excited by just knowing how to use Office on the computer but I know far more than that.)

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