Yononaka no Okugi (Part 6)

I thought about what happened with the student council and the tour of the school's disused sports facilities. I didn't understand why things were the way they were.

The sight of a group photo of males earlier, even if if it was brief, was sufficient to trigger a new unfamiliar feeling inside me that heavily affected my ability to concentrate. Hitoshi pointed out the rate of increase of intensity is based on how long I have visually seen males, multiplied by the number of them, and add that on top of any preexisting amounts I had prior to that. Whether I saw them in person, which is unlikely in this world, or through a medium, does not make any difference. If I had seen a page that had three separate photos of men for five seconds, the increase in intensity is the same as seeing one man for fifteen seconds.

The problem here is that I saw multiple images of an all-male a baseball team pasted onto the ceiling that I saw by accident when I happened to look in that direction after tripping over the clothes I was trying to wear. The largest I saw were two group photos of about fifteen people each. Being how good-looking I found them to be, and never seen males in my life before, I simply stared at those photos for a good thirty seconds before Hitoshi realized that there were photos up there and covered my eyes. Even though it was only thirty seconds, the number of men I saw meant I received at least fifteen minutes worth. Likely more as there there were smaller ones around it. It's difficult to say without looking, which is something we should be avoiding, but the student council was certain that no members were absent on the days the group photo was taken.

Receiving 15 minutes worth is a lot more than anyone who could have stumbled upon images of men by accident, let alone in a day for me, but it is nowhere near the highest ever recorded. I wouldn't want to think what it is like living with it.

As much as I would like to take the taxi or the bus, the layout around the school and my residence meant that waling to and from the train station is the most convenient way for both ends. Well, a taxi could drive up to those places, but finding one without heading to the train station is hard, and it is as good as taking the train if I am already at the train station. I would like to cycle, but the route is full of narrow streets with hilly terrain and blind spots, and I'm not exactly in the mental condition to watch out for dangers.

Getting home now with this newly acquired mental state is a torture. The last thing I would want right now is noticing other people and talking to them.

Author's note: I apologize for not having any new content since December 2015, October 2014 for stories other than story 8 (the special that got split off to be a story on its own), and April 2014 (!) for the last story 7 content. So many things are happening in my life, time seem to fly by quickly, and I was focusing on finding a full-time job that I hadn't succeeded so far. It's hard to come up with content when your focus is mainly on finding a job that takes up so much time of the day, plus eating and sleeping, that you have little time for other things, and it takes a long time to even come up with an idea. Take a look at my Twitter in case you are wondering if I'm still alive. Savings has dried up, and I'm on what is left of my emergency money that was strictly spent on necessities. I guess I should start looking for jobs in a different field. It's been way too long since I received my most recent certification and harder to explain the time gap.


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