Yononana no Okugi (Part 7)

It was getting cloudy when I left school, where darker clouds appear to be in the direction of where I live. While the station I am at is underground, most stations on the line are not. At where I would be alighting, there's practically no shelter between platform and home as the station ticket concourse is the only sheltered area along that stretch of the road. I'm guessing it would be raining heavily with winds over there, so it seems unlikely I'll get home dry.

Getting to the train platform took a lot longer than usual as my thinking ability was hindered by the newly acquired persistent feeling as I thought about directions to the right platform. It's not painful or like a headache, but more like the body wanting something it doesn't have.

The station is massive as many lines intersect here. There are no escalators, but thankfully I don't have to lift up my leg  much to climb up every morning. Elevators are available, but are inconveniently located further away than the stairs at the ticket concourse level.

There are a mix of people in either school or office uniforms at the platforms, though it doesn't necessarily mean those wearing one isn't another. There are conditions that prevents them from wearing the other set for school or work, or to impersonate as a member that they are not a part of. Many working people would wear the school uniforms just to get away from the movement-restricting skirt of the office uniform that is so tight that cycling is almost impossible. Allowed skirt length varies by the length of her legs, but generally up to mid-thigh while sitting at shortest, and a little above the knees when standing at longest. For amputees, length would be based on when she still had legs.

Along the platform, there are worn out markings to indicate stopping points for "Women only" carriages. Kind of pointless as we became a single-gendered human species today. Most stations are like relics of a different era as signs are usually not changed unless information on them needs to be updated, but all station buildings are still kept maintained.

The train I boarded had few available seats, but few standing passengers. A pretty normal sight for this time of the day as students would be returning, but not quite yet for the end of working hours. I managed to find a place to seat in an area where there aren't anyone standing.

As the train carriage vibrates as it moves, it becomes quite a sight to see everyone's breasts wobbling at the same time, where intensity depends on the vibration of the carriage. We can't do anything about this as we are prevented from having it restrained or hidden from view, even though people don't like it.

Speaking of the breasts, I observed that many on this train with the largest bust size are students or workers of Mizuho Academy, the school that my student council president mentioned earlier. It forms the skyline of this city with their tall futuristic buildings, where it easily overshadows the buildings of this city. Mizuho Academy is technically part of my city, but at the same time, appears to be like a bordering self-sustainable city state of the future. It is pretty obvious that the average heights of those buildings are taller than the world's tallest buildings we know of, but everyone pretends the campus doesn't exist for some reason, and I can't seem to raise this glaringly obvious oversight anywhere. As a matter of fact, nobody knows what goes on inside. The general public is free to visit as they please, but ones that did went there aren't willing to share what they saw. It gives me an impression of a military base where there are secrets going on with non-disclosure agreements if they let you into it. Just what is going on in there?!

Wait a minute. Kotani Sakae, my student council president, mentioned she was wearing a Mizuho uniform that looks like ours. Thinking about it, she does appear to have the same body measurements as  these Mizhuho girls, but how different is it from our uniform? Does it have special technologies built into it? She didn't demonstrate any special features, apart from not going crazy from seeing pre-evolution men.

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