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It has been about a week after the Tohoku earthquake. To those who did not follow me on twitter and noticed that I didn't write a new post for quite a while, forgive me for making you worried that I might have died, especially since the death toll and missing persons from the earthquake (and the tsunami that followed) is in the tens of thousands.

So, most schools are having their graduation ceremony this week. It's probably a sad day for them as some might have lost their peers or relatives.

Yukari would be entering college next year. Some colleges are having an open campus and are checking them out since she's entering her 3rd year of high school and will be taking the entrance exams about. She's my sister after all, and is somewhat like an another me, but born latter and went through completely different experiences.

As I've mentioned earlier somewhere, I haven't even begin to write my blog story. Would do so when I've figured out how to continue writing from where I've left off.


Anonymous said…
Nah, you are fine, sans lingering minuscule amounts of radiation in Tokyo and the occasional inconveniences here and there. Hope you've enjoyed yourself there, though I'm sure things would have been better (more things to do and see) if not for the Tohoku earthquake.

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