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Chasing After Rainbows: Looking Back

01 March 2011

Looking Back

You know, it has been almost 4 years since I have graduated from High School*. The time passed since then is obviously longer than the time I've spent in it, but it's somewhat the best time of my life. Walking around near where I live, past schools and students in uniforms makes me recall about it. Kind of sad to think that the amount of time passed since graduating is longer than the time I had spent in it.

Primary school seemed like an eternity, but looking back, I don't really remember what happened. In fact, in the working world, people usually never talked about what they did earlier than High School. There's no mention about Primary or Middle school unless they have children in it.

I was taught to speak English since young (before kindergarten?) and with a method more effective than the schools at home. (Maybe it's the age they started learning it.) Dad could speak it, but with the accent. As for the rest of the family... Let's just say that they don't understand it. However, since I grew up in an environment where exposure to English is strong and Japanese almost non-existence, my language ability is somewhat the opposite of my sister, who grew up at home and never came along with me. In other words, my native language is not my mother tongue.

Before I get into too much of my personal life, let's end this post. I would prefer to not talk about it.

Note1: Primary School = Grade 1-6. Middle School (Junior High) Year 1-3 = Grade 7-9, (Senior) High School = Grade 10-12, Secondary School/Education = Middle + High School

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