Alternate Dimension (Part 10)

Almost two weeks has passed since then. Kyousuke, one of my classmates, entered the class with a big smile on his face. He seems to be talking about something happy with his friends. When Haruna entered the the class, however, his happiness turned into depression when she said that she doesn't remember what happened two days earlier. She also seem to be unfamiliar with most of the classmates.

When she saw me, she suddenly had a smile on the face and sat at an empty seat nearest to me (which is actually hers, but she thinks it's someone else's) and talked to me. What does she want? She normally doesn't even talk to me since she was released from hospital.

Haruna talked to me about how she was in February 4 and now it's suddenly June 6. She also added that she had also seem to have suddenly gain knowledge that only her overseas childhood friend would know. I don't know if I should tell her the truth, but there things about myself in this dimension that I myself don't know. I ended up referring her to Nagisa (another close friend of hers) instead.

The next day, Aiko wanted us to visit "me" in hospital as a request from her father (director of the company I'm working for). She would like to tag along with us, but she has club activities to attend to and would turn up later on. Visiting myself? Sounds odd.

We took the bus to the hospital. I don't know what to expect when we arrive though. The room is located at one of the upper floors of the hospital, so we had to take a long ride up the elevator. Hospital staff were staring at us in disbelief, especially me when Haruna asked the reception where the "me" involved in the accident is. (I wanted to do the asking, but that would be like asking where I am.)

I reached the door that has my name (久川沙江子) on it as the patient of the room. I kind of feel uncomfortable about this. Hey, Aiko, are we at the right room? We fidgeted about entering the room until Haruna made the first move by opening the room door.

The first person I saw was the director at the bedside, who was shocked when he saw me. On the bed in front of him was a girl who looked very much like me in a frozen state. Is she dead? She isn't moving, and her face has a frozen expression of being hurt. Come to think of it, why does she look very much like me and even has the same name? Both of us (me and Haruna) were shocked as we stepped in.

The me in hospital bed
(continued from part 8)
The me who walked in
(continued from above)
I couldn't believe that there would be someone who looked very much like me to enter the room, because I don't remember having a twin.

In amazement, the other me waved her had too close to my face, as though wanting to poke my eyes. I tried to push her hand aside, but I can't. I ended up using the character of me on the TV to do so. She did so when she saw it in a scared expression.

Haruna was shocked too from the moment she saw the both of us. I don't know when she left or went of to, but she's not here now.

The director then asked us what happened back on 24 May, the day I got hit by a van driven by those two annoying people which resulted in the condition I'm in now.
On the TV she was facing at was a manga-like character of me in a disbelief look when I entered. The background was what the girl on the bed would see, so I would see me, Haruna, and the director looking towards the TV, as though someone planted cameras inside the eyes of the me on the hospital bed. The cartoon character of me on TV became fustrated and asked me to stop when I waved one of my hand close to her eyes to check if it's real and is broadcasting live.

I asked the director what was that thing on TV. He replied that it's a visualization of the feelings of the me on the hospital bed and was transmitted by the airwaves but wasn't sure if I had it.

He then ask the 2 of us what happened on the day before people started giving me the odd stares.
It started when I started following Haruna around during lunch, followed by going to the lab of the college section's science research department of the school. In there, I saw a strange machine. I entered that machine and the next thing I knew, I was on the other side of in an identical machine. Then, someone at where I was. As she was in a confused state, I used the opportunity to get away. After getting away far enough, my friends asked me to join them. When I was crossing the road at the train station, a van hit me. A lot of people gathered around me. Then the director and Aiko attended to me since then up to now. Aiko was the one who was one of the first to see me after the accident.The me in bed illustrated her story on the screen in such a way that it looked like I'm playing a visual novel game. Anyways, what she showed was exactly the same as what I experienced up until I entered the machine. From there on until she left the room, what she described as "the other person" was the same as what I did. After that, the differences starts to widen based on what she said. I didn't know that the people who tried to molest me in my first few days in this dimention are the cause of the way the me in the hospital bed is in now.
The director listened to both sides of our story. He then thought about for a while. He said that the machine I encountered was an untested teleporter & cloning machine and did not have anyone or anything willing to test it with. Also noticing that both of us had identical notepads with identical things written in it that was done before entering the machine, he concluded that the two of us were only one person and that machine had cloned from what was on me and had our minds to go our separate ways. Whether I was involved in the accident or not is unrelated as it happened latter on at a different place. (He also said that the project was a success.)
That explains why I was suddenly on the other side of the room. What will happen to me since I'm the clone? Merge back or become the twin of the other and having a differnet name? Kill me, since it's easy at my current state? I don't know...That explains why I felt that a part of me had went somewhere. Speaking of going somewhere, where and when did Haruna left? She was here with me when I entered this room...

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