It looks ugly

I opened up the original Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file of one of my drawings and saw what was in the following screenshot:

  • (Background) Microsoft Internet Explorer 7: Instead of the image, I see a very long list of codes.
  • (Left) Google Chrome 0.3: The black outline is very obvious. Bluring don't seem to work.
  • (Center) Mozilla Firefox 3.0: There is a rectungular box at a corner of it for some reason.
  • (Right) Apple Safari 3.1: The best among all the rest. Bluring don't seem to work too.
  • All: My signature is missing (for IE7, it appeared as mojibake near the bottom)
To fix the unwanted lines that appeared in the Chrome browser, I just need to select everything in the vector editor, except the outlines that are supposed to be there, and remove the colour used for the outline (labled as "stroke"). The problem is that vectors before v0015, outlines are not seperated from the colour, so I used v0035 instead to remove stroke lines of non-outline parts that are already seperated by layers. Now Crome renders it smillar to Safari. I should remove stroke colours instead of reducing the thickness of it to 0px in the future.

PS. Other than zooming in/out, I find it hard to view the entire image as scrolling don't seem to work.


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