Alternate Dimension (Part 1.2)

[Revised on 9 June 2009]
(continued from Part 1.1 / 4th paragraph of Part 1)

I don’t really know what is going on, but I had a strange dream: There was a white light that made me felt as though my centre of gravity has been moved from my bottom to my chest. I could feel changes that are taking place all over my body. It felt like it was actually taking place, but it's just a dream, right? I once had a dream of falling of a building or cliff that felt real and woke up from the horrors of it, but it turns out that I didn't even fall off the bed! How on earth can my dreams feel so real?! I have been having too much of it lately. Since I have to get ready for school when the sun rises, I don’t think much about it.


The morning sunlight entered my eyes. I was still feeling sleepy when I woke up, but I had noticed that the room that I am in now seems to be somewhat different from what I remember it to be: It is unusually neat with new furniture with concrete walls painted in warm colours. Most of the things I see in this room are mine and are neatly arranged, but there are also things that looked as though they belonged to a girl. Where am I? And what is that perfume smell?

I had some difficulty getting out of bed, but that could be because I am still feeling sleepy, though I felt that my body is different that even doing the usual things felt different. Whose room am I in? Did someone drugged me while I was asleep and carried me here? If so, why would they bother carrying all of the things in my room and arrange them neatly. However, the clock points to the morning of Saturday, May 14, about 12 hours after I brought home the device from work. The device in question is still on my wrist, but it seems to have been activated not too long ago, judging by how warm it is. Besides that, everything around me seems to be a bit higher. There was also carpeting, heater, and air-conditioning in this room, something that I don’t have in my room. When it’s cold, I would use the kotatsu in the room with the TV or wear thick clothing, but during the hot summer, there’s nothing to keep me cool except to stay away from the blazing hot sun. Ice cream and bathing are not helpful as heat of the place would quickly make them warm, so the best is to head to places like at work, the convince store or ride in the train, but I can’t do the things I want to do at home there.

As I got out of the room, I noticed that my sense of balance had become different. Instead of a corridor leading to the stairs and other rooms at that level, I found myself at a corner near the living room. The place seems to be one of the recently completed apartments ("mansion" in my native language for some reason) that I could see from the train station due to its height. In the living room, there appears to have a lot of expensive-looking furniture, sculptures, paintings and fixtures judging by the design. There is also a piano at a corner. At the photo frame on the wall near the cabinet, I noticed that there is a photo frame of people smiling together that consists of my parents and one of the cutest girl I have ever seen. Looking at how much the girl resembled my parents, she could be their daughter, but who is that girl? I don’t recall having a sister, let alone meet her, so why have I not known her? Did my parents deliberately not let me know of her existence since birth or know anything about this house? Well, they are hardly at my house, and now they claim that they are working overseas.

Wanting to know more, I looked through the cabinet there for some clues. Out of horror, it looked as though my existence has been replaced by this girl as, I remember, are all of the places I had been to around the time the photo was taken. However, there are also photos of her showing off her high grades, winning some bursaries with large amounts of money, and even shook hands of famous and important people! (I’m so jealous of her…) She also appeared to be of the same age as me and goes to a prestigious high school just at the top of the hill from mine. What puzzled me however, is how and why were my large number of my things transferred from my house to this place while I was asleep? Stop time? And want to meet up with me after she herself found out about me? Speaking of her, where is she? She should heading to school now, but the house is eerily quiet.

Looking at the time, it seems that I would be late for school if I don't hurry, even though it's a half-day being a Saturday. I tried to prepare my uniform, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in the house. I did however, found several sets of female uniforms of the school that I was so jealous of inside the wardrobe of room I woke up in. In fact, none of the clothes and shoes in here are mine, but my clothes are nowhere to be found. Without the time to stay there and think, I had a quick breakfast and then proceed on to freshen up myself and take a shower instead of taking a bath. Since I don’t like my face, I normally don’t look at the mirror.

As I start to remove my clothes, I realized that I am still wearing my work pass and the device I was working on from yesterday and placed those aside. However, that was when I noticed that my fingers looked different, my skin feels unusually smooth, the hair on my legs are missing. I never really thought much about those until I felt something missing when I removed my unusually silky smooth and thin underwear and it felt that I’m still wearing something when I thought I had removed everything. It feels as though it is binding to my chest…


To my surprise, I was wearing a bra! Huh??? Why am I wearing that? Removing them not only had the binding feeling removed, it also revealed two large semi-sphere shaped things that are sticking out of my chest with my nipple at the tip of them being pink and larger-than-usual. I could feel being touched as I touched them, as though they really are a part of my body without any artificial objects inside. They were soft and warm like the rest of my body. (I was blushing for some reason as I did this.) Just to be sure, I looked at my genitals. I though I felt something odd there too…


Instead of the “rod” that had been bothering me a lot, I had an opening of some sort that looks like a long horizontal month without teeth or lips. Instead of tongue, there was a tiny button-like thing at the front tip that could pop up if touched. (The whole area reminds me of an alien’s mouth if you ask me.) Well, it’s visibly obvious that females have breasts, but I didn’t know they have such things for their bottoms too. No wonder they look comfortable in that tight-looking swimsuit that appeared to be smaller than them before putting it on. I wonder…


After gaining consciousness from going crazy after repeatedly touching my newly-discovered body parts and sprouting out liquid of some sort from inside me that is not urine (I felt hesitant, happy, and kept thinking that my old rod is inside me all at the same time for some reason), I noticed that the way my body reacted and the voice that came out of my mouth sounded was indeed that of a girl. It’s hard to tell what my new voice sounds like to others, as (under my old voice) what I heard myself saying is different than if someone were to play back a recording of it. I cleaned up the mess I made and took a shower instead of a bath, seeing at how much time I had wasted doing all those unnecessary (though important) things. Also, this part is too dangerous as I can’t stop or even prevent myself from getting an unwanted pregnancy if I was forced to have sex. Since I was a guy, the idea of being able to produce milk, being able to create a living thing, having it grown inside me for almost a year, and it growing to be as large as me and calling me “mama” is foreign to me.

As I wondered how to take a shower with this newly-discovered female body of mine, I questioned myself why this is happening to me or what happened that caused me to be like this? Well, the changes that had happened to me are of my deepest desires of indirectly not wanting to be a male, but I never thought that it would actually happen like this! I am somewhat happy that this happened, but I’m also worried about how different will my life be now that I’m a girl in an expensive apartment instead of a boy in a run-down house. I wonder how do I look like now? I’m too scared to find out for fear that a girl would slap me for staring, but now there’s nothing wrong with looking at girls now that I’m a girl myself …right? And, *gulp* will I be attracted to guys instead to girls now? What will happen to my relation with Kotomi?

Back in my room after taking a shower, I wore the underwear and the uniform I saw earlier in the wardrobe: it consists of a ribbon, blazer, white long-sleeved blouse and a skirt. There are also separate sets for summer and physical education. Is that prestigious school I was always jealous of is now really my school? I don’t see any other uniform except for the female uniform of the middle school I went to. Where did my male clothing disappear to? Were they all replaced with these female clothing? It felt awkward as the panties are too easy to put on, but the bra being too troublesome. Putting any kind of clothes on, would now mean that they would take up the shape of my breasts at the upper part and is impossible to hide them. Also, clothing that don’t have buttons or zippers are now more troublesome to take on and off. Although I was used to wearing my uniform quite loosely as a guy (though not too loose that it falls off easily), this uniform actually fits me quite nice. Since I was used to loose clothing, I though that they were tight at first. I was also surprised at how impossible it is to remove my skirt without simply unzipping it that felt as though it is stuck to my hips. It certainly is better than those troublesome trousers, but the feeling of air flowing below me and on my legs makes me wonder if I’m even wearing anything there. At least I could move my legs freely: there are types of skirts I might have to wear in the future that would force me to be not be able to run or move my legs sideways wider than standing without having both of my legs together, something I can't do without sitting down. There is also this dark-coloured thing that goes all the way from my legs to my hips. I don't know what this is, but in the recent non-summer photos of me in my uniform (as a female) I saw earlier, I was wearing this instead of socks. It feels almost as smooth as my skin. My legs look as though they really are black, but since it's tight and still feel airy, it make me feel more comfortable than walking around than in trousers and does make up for the fact that my skirt does not completely protect my legs from the cold on top of letting air flow inside from the bottom. With all that clothing I am wearing right now, I don’t think I want to ever take them off. I had also put up some hair accessories before heading towards the mirror, which I was not looking forward to.

What I saw actually pleased me: instead of my face, I saw the face of the pretty girl I saw in the photos from earlier in her high school uniform being reflected in the mirror. It was so hard to believe that I am that girl that I though that the girl I’m seeing in the mirror is trying to catch my attention to the point that I feel that I am attracted to that girl. My attractiveness is so powerful that I think guys would follow me around, and if I look at myself in the mirror, my mind would be sending mixed messages of “be her boyfriend: she’s looking at me!” and “that girl I’m seeing is myself, so whatever”. The idea of being attracted to myself sounds silly, but the me I saw is not what I'm used to.

Rushing for time, I grabbed whatever was lying on the study desk, and put it into my bag. Outside the toilet on the way to the kitchen, I also wore the device I was working on on my wrist and my work pass (it still had my old face) in one of my pockets. (I realized that putting anything other than thin, small and light objects in my skirt pocket is a bad idea, so those go into the blazer pockets or the bag instead.) I had a quick breakfast, wore my shoes, and proceeded to close the door. I noticed that the shoes are a bit worn and small, but so are my feet. As I locked the front door, I saw "久川" (Hisakawa), my family name, at the door. At least this confirms that I am at my current house, but what is my current given name? Can’t be Itsuko… (lol) I also haven’t really explored all the rooms in the house, so I haven’t figured out where everything is, if there is any.

The corridor I'm in now had some other doors identical to my front door, but with numbering that I don't understand. Unlike other levels, the level I'm living on now seem to have only one unit and none for the level above, but seemed to be occupied by something not accessible on that level. Judging by how low below the houses are at ground level and how tall the building appeared from down there, it appears that I am at one of the topmost floors of the apartment. I found the elevator. The lobby decorated in such a way that reminded me of being at a 4/5 star hotel, although the staircase behind a door nearby with an emergency exit sign above it looked rather plain, a sharp contrast to the lift lobby. However, it is there I found out what level I’m on before taking the lift as there's no display on the outside besides the up/down indicator. Otherwise, I would not know how to get back and could easily miss the indicator in the elevator when entering. Also, the idea of taking the elevator to get out or into my house is alien to me too, but that is partly because I rarely ever use the elevator.

For the fun of it, I jumped around in the elevator on the way down and actually hit the ceiling, quite high considering my height and the size of the elevator. My ears felt funny on the way down.

(to be continued on the 15th paragraph of Part 1)


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