Disorientated Feelings (Part 11)

(Continued from Part 10)

On a particular day not too long after I noticed people behaving strangely towards me, the principal had called me to his office at the end of school. Well, I don't have anything on today, so I don't mind being held back, but for what reason?

Since the announcement was through the PA, everyone knew about this. The only times I heard of a student being calling to the principal's office was if they had done something seriously wrong or something bad that had happened involving them, or, in rare cases, the student having outstanding performance and/or representing the school and want to reward them with something big, but what did I do?

I was clueless and worried at the same time.

The principal's office is located just next to the teachers' staff room. I myself had never been there before, so I don't know what it's like.

I knocked on the door.

"Come in," said an unfamiliar male voice.

I entered the room. The office seemed like a whole different place from the rest of the school with wooden walls, full-floor carpeting, and a bookshelf full of identically-shaped and labeling books. There is also a conference table with several large black office chairs along with other doors, with one that seem to lead to the staff room next door. At the desk was a man I last saw during my entrance ceremony who make that long boring speech.

Principal: "Miss Hisakawa, I presume?"

Me: "Yes! W-what is it did you call me for, principal?"

Principal: "I have been hearing a lot of you since the results of your entrance test to this school: Scoring full marks, being in the student council, working in sought-after job of a well known company at such a young age, managed to find access to the school's rooftop that was supposedly impossible to find, to having all the guys go crazy over you to the point that there's even a fan club."

Wait, how did he find out about the last 3 points? Especially the roof part.

Principal: "More importantly, why is it that you..."

He keep on babbling about things relating to me and what I had done, some of which made me wonder how he know things about me more than I know myself. How did he know Itsuki did "that" to me at his house? How does he know the tiny details of what I do? How does he know the exact hospital I was born in? How does he even know that I'm questioning myself? What is the point of this conversation? It's nothing but a waste of time!

Principal: "I'm not sure if I should be telling you this too, but a 2nd-year female student named Saeko Hisakawa of [insert name of Aiko's school here] wanted me to pass the message to you that someone will permenantly blind you and then throw you on a rail crossing and get killed by an oncomming train as a result of being dizzy not being able to see on a winter's day two years from now. That is, at the current course of time."

You're kidding, right? Predicting my own death and get killed as simple as that? 2 years is not too far away! However he seemed serious and doesn't seem to be the type to joke around. And who is this 2nd-year girl of that school named Saeko Hisakawa? She reminds me a lot of my Itsuki for some reason.

Me: "Are y-you serious?"

Principal: "Yes, I'm serious. If you don't believe me, either wait for that event to happen (which you probably don't want to), or check your computer that girl had uploaded to your computer a while ago. I can read people's minds through time and space, but focus more on bad things that will happen to my students that could otherwise be avoided. Also, there is also something about your body that your uncle modified shortly after you were born sixteen years ago today. You are best not to know the truth about this, but I know you will know about the truth eventually."

I don't know whether to laugh, cry, get angry, or even do anything. My uncle did something to me when I was born? But what? Besides me being smart, I'm just an ordinary girl... I don't get him....

Principal: "Well, I guess you are too shocked from this information overload that is too hard to believe, but you will understand quite soon. While you figure out how to avoid this terrible event from happening, why not get back to life as usual and enjoy the birthday party everyone has prepared for you tonight. And don't worry, no one had told me or had told anyone else what I just said to you."

He winked at me! What is that supposed to mean?

Me: "Erm, I'll make my leave now..."

I quickly made my way out. That principal sure is quite good at telling me a bunch of believable lies and still keep a serious straight face, especially when it's about me. He's so weird, I bet he is laughing hard on the floor right now, but I can't hear it from right outside his door. Me being called to the office in the first place is just a distraction to have everyone to rush down to my house to prepare! No wonder people are acting strangely lately: Today's my 16th birthday! I should have guessed when he said "...were born sixteen years ago today" smack in the middle of the garbage he was talking about earlier.

As I thought, everyone I knew was there and had planned a party. Even dad, Itsuki and Hiroko was there.

Did not have the chance to check my computer yet and was too sleepy at the end of the day.

(To be continued in Part 12)


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