Losing Identity (Part 9)

Today is June 6, 2 days after the night when I suddenly found myself in the bathtub of my house. I could have sworn I was in class of February 4 just before that.

I was wondering where my parents had went to until I saw a note in their bedroom saying something about a large amount of cash under their bed for me. I looked at the luggage bag counting it: it seems that someone had grabbed a small amount of it.

I looked at my blog: there were no new entries since that date, but there was an unpublished draft dated 22 May.


Huh? I typed that? It says that I am unable to move and my childhood friend who is residing inside me is doing so? But I can do so normally with no difficulties.... I don't understand. I then viewed the blog of that friend of mine mentioned.


It says that I fell into a coma and has taken control of my body since 14 May, the day after he got into an accident. Strange part is that the post is dated 2 weeks after the incident and he even had detailed description of the accident he was involved in. Newspapers from around that time that were lying around the house support that the incident did happen (though it wasn't on the front page).

Looking at the time, it seems that I would be late for school if I don't hurry. Had to leave early as it's quite some distance away. As I was about to leave, I saw stuff on and around my bike that was parked inside the house at the doorstep (I normally park it outside). I don't know whose these things are for, so I just put it aside and rode my bike to the train station.

I reached the school, but I don't know what class I'm in now as the new school year started back in April. Let's see... I'm in 2B (2年B組), so I made it to second year, but I don't know who my classmates are.

When I found the class and entered it, Kyousuke seemed to be happy upon seeing me. The guys around him seem to be cheering him on. Yukari was among them too.

Kyousuke: Oh, Haruna-chan! I hope you enjoyed the gifts. I won't forget about what we did in that restaurant in Shibuya last Saturday!

"Did what?" was on my mind when he said that. He also seem to be closer to me than I thought he was.

Me: Oh, sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but I don't seem to remember that day. Sorry.

Kyousuke was suddenly in despair when I said that. Did I say something wrong?

Yukari: There there, it's not the end of the world yet. Maybe she's in too much of a shock. You should...

I was out of audible distance. There were several empty seats, but there were also people seating at other people's seat, talking to someone who sits there. There are sure a lot of unfamiliar faces here, and I don't know where my sit would be. Where is it?

I spot a familiar face sitting near the back of the class: it's Saeko Hisakawa (久川沙江子). We had knew each other since we were kids and was also in the same class as the previous school year. I wanted to introduce her to the son of my father's friend, but seem to narrowly miss the opportunity to meet her. She's also seems to be the kind that would get all excited over scientific research, programming, and whatever complex stuff that I don't understand if she were to explain to me. It seems that she has been watching over me from the moment I entered the classroom. I wonder if she knows what happened to me.

I then sat down at an empty seat nearest to her and explained what I had experienced recently and why I had suddenly know stuff that friend of mine, that was supposedly reside in me, as though it were second nature to me. She explained that I suddenly lost consciousness after the teacher had played around with an odd doll and added that before today, I had never even approached her since being discharged from hospital.

Her eyes tells me that she knows more about me than I would know myself and wanted to say more. But seeing that she has a lot of things on her mind and before I continue on, she referred me to Nagisa, another close friend, instead.

Nagisa says that I had reverted back to my old self after a long while. Could she be referring the time that, to me, passed by in a flash? I asked what is wrong with Saeko as she seems stressed up.

Nagisa: Well, she was walking around the city downtown of here with her group of friends on the Saturday of two weeks ago. When she was crossing the road to get to the station when heading to work, a speeding van, out of nowhere, had hit her and badly injured and was sent to hospital. On top of that, her body is so badly paralysed that she is unable to move at all. So, you can talk all you want to her, but she won't be able to reply back. It's hard to tell if she's even listening to you at her current state. There were a lot of witnesses and the incident was reported in the newspapers.

Me: But she's here now and looks fine to me.

Nagisa: That's the thing. When she turned up in school the following day, everyone, including the teachers, was shocked to see her as though she were a ghost with no injuries, as though it never happened. This Saeko don't seem to remember that the fact that she was downtown that day, claiming to be at work at that time, but did recall hanging out with her friends earlier during lunch break.

Me: So, I bet that the Hisakawa-san here is aware of it, seeing that she seems stressed up.

Nagisa: Well, yes. Hirano-san, who was present at the accident site, showed Hisakawa-san the notebook she found on her. The amazing part is that the Hisakawa-san who claims to be not at the site had the exact same notebook with the exact same thing written in it, but without blood stains unlike the one who was hospitalized. She herself was shocked about it.

We ended our conversation just as the chime played, indicating the first period. I asked Yukari where my seat is, and she points to the seat I was sitting at when I was talking to Saeko earlier.

How embarrassing...

Chapter 4: (Re-) Discovery
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