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03 January 2008


I already have a mountain of things to do that I wouldn't have time for if the school holidays.
Also, I won't be answering phone calls or check messages at all or go online on instant messaging programs. If you keep calling me for 3 constitutive times or more in 2 hours since 2007-12-15, I won't talk to you at all until I feel like it, most likely a month after the previous call.

Now, leave me alone! If you really want to message me, go to the chatroom on my blog or message me in one of the 40 places mentioned below, say what you want (besides knowing why I'm not answering), and hope that I see it (and know who you are) among the thousands of messages that other people send with images.

P.S. You notice that I post just after midnight most of the time and not mention anything relating to the holidays like "Merry Christmas!", "Happy New Year [insert year here]!" or whatever holidays like anyone else and not making regular updates to my other profiles.

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Saint Mark said...

Fine. I'll leave you alone. Some friend you are.

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