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Chasing After Rainbows: high res on youtube

01 January 2008

high res on youtube

I finally manage to upload high quality video and sound onto youtube. To get to it is kinda complicated. First, convert the video to flash video in the highest quaility (no higher than the original for obvious reasons). Using a hex editor, edit the hex code of the 4th row, and from the 13th (4th/7th if its in groups of 4/2) position (digit, code, whatever) onwards to 84A00000000000 (13 zeros) and save it. Done. If you have problems, go use the power of the internets for help.

Compare with these 2:

Low Res

High Res

P,S, I have few devices that work with 100-130V 60Mhz (most work on 230-240 50Mhz) without a transformer (not that robot) and among those, almost none comes with a plug that can fit into the socket without an adaptor. Though some can work on USB power or standard sized batteries.

All modes of transport around the world would be crowded around this time of the year. Need to escape from the maddening crowd in the city.

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