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Chasing After Rainbows: Checking the colours

24 January 2008

Checking the colours

If you have been visiting to this blog regularly, you might have noticed that I keep changing colours from blue, then to red, and then green (with font size decreased), and now black. Would try different shades of colour soon.

I heard that there are university/college entrance exams around this time of the year in Japan. I heard that Haruka Yukari (one of the co-authors of some of my blogs) is one of them since she's already in 3rd year of High School somewhere in Miyazaki Prefecture. That would kind of explain the sudden absence since she have to study like crazy to be able to get into very competitive places at colleges like Tokyo University. Full concentration is needed and distractions like the internet and TV should be pushed aside. On top of that, the exam venue and results are at the college(s) where you take/took the exam.
(For your info, it's still winter there)

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