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Chasing After Rainbows: Changed layout of one of my other blogs

20 January 2008

Changed layout of one of my other blogs

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The changing of the layout for one of my blog is long overdue due to a lot of outdated information. Most of the stuff that was there is already on this blog for quite some time. I have edited new layout so that I could put in stuff I want and change/remove junk that came with this layout.

Like this blog, I am going to put up images in each post (except those before this post). It would be located at the top center instead of the bottom left.

PS: The display image there and the link directly below it lead to different profiles.
BTW, among all my blogs and profiles, only a few contain my real info. Among those, they are either hidden or are listed like anyone else, but I didn't indicate that it's mine. Unless you know where and how to look, you probably won't find it.

I'm not going to put up the same image, position and caption because it's a different blog unless it's part of the post.

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