I know I don't say much about my drawings. This is one (dated 2007-12-19) of the few that would appear online, with text place on top of areas that would distort the image if attempted to remove. The ugly ones are not uploaded. For your info, as at time of this post, I have not uploaded the scanned version of this or any drawing dated after 18 November 2007.

I supposed I started drawing about 1-2 years ago when I was bored, on the way to watch my friend's younger sister for the chinese new year concert at the esplanade (come to think of it, I think it is almost a year ago). You might have seen my drawings appearing at the media box on all 4 of my profiles. (although the 3rd display the latest and best drawings in full size). You might see some of the comments of it at places where I put them up. If you are lucky enough, you would have seen the actual book this was drawn on by me. I used an old school exercise book (which I already graduated from and appear yellow-ish) since I have many of those lying around. Think of those lines as anti-copying lines or makes the drawing look more like the real deal instead of a copy.

To find them, go to my imageshack profile and look through it. I didn't label the images properly, so look out for images that starts with "picture $" (where $ is the nth image scaned from my scanner).[I'm aware of the broken images, but different versions of the same image are placed at different profiles, even within the same site, in different sizes and order due to the amount of views from very low to very high, makes it more complicated to edit. Trying to fix it. Free image hosting sites have a viewing limit in a period of time before it is disabled] (The long loading times discourages me from adding proper labels which I am bad at)

The image on the left you see here could be the next image to draw from. The problem about doing so is that the resolution of the original image (which is exactly what you see here) is low.

Also, I might omit some of the things you see here due to the complexity or want to focus on a particular character(s). It might take a while before I start drawing and another before the completed drawing appears online.

A rough sketch of the layout of the North-South platform in Bishan when the Circle Line operates. The indications of the old ones (most of which are still operational as of time of post; 17 Jan 2008) are there so that you know where roughly it would be. As the new platform is still under construction, the link to the circle line and the new fare gates are currently absent. The Circle line station (not indicated above) is nearer to the interchange, with one of the entrances around Berth B5.


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