Facebook profile

The above is a screenshot of my Facebook profile. Unlike Friendster or MySpace, Facebook is quite limited in terms of customizing the profile appearence.

If you are to look at the bottom of the screenshot, you would see text from my earlier post. To do that (as RSS feed) and stuff from Youtube, Picasa/Flickr and Google Reader, just click on "Import" under the "Mini-Feed" header (labled in the screenshot as "インポート" and "ミニフィード" respectively).

I have received too many applications that I might have probably added them and not bother with them. That was until the first time I viewed my profile after adding a mountain of them when it took a long time to load. I'm having a tough time figuring out what to remove, but I have remove quite a few so far, mostly game apps that I don't play.

To my friends: If you have seen an invitation from me to add a particular application for a repeated number of times, forgive me. I wanted to get extra points for inviting people. I know how irritating it can get because I receive a lot of them too.


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