increasing expenses

With my list of things that I want to do and buy, but have yet to do so, getting longer and costing more, I have to avoid spending some of the things on the list to make sure it does not eat into the money in the bank. However, what my parents give me each month is only half to one-tenth if my spending wasn't restricted. Even though my parents pay me for things like clothes, food, school stuff, cell phone bill, bus & train traveling expenses, and practically almost everything since I was young (yes, I am that spoilt) , I shouldn't be relying on them too much.

What are the list of things that I want to do? Here's some:

  • Buying stuff that I want. Well, my parents do buy me stuff like PC (made in 1997, 1999, 2002, 2007), a portable hard disk (2005,2008; 60GB & 250 GB) PS2 (1st gen), Gameboy Color, but I bought the Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, Gamecube, Nintendo DS (1st Gen), 2005 PC, another portable hard disk (2008; 150GB), iPod Shuffle (2nd gen), PSP (2nd gen), magazines like NewType, Comic books, figurines, posters with my own money.

  • With the above, buying stuff without my parents knowledge is quite difficult mainly due to me relying on them too much. Buying stuff like that anime box set I had been eying on easily cost me a bomb. I also want a PS3...

  • I need money. Besides what was explained above, I also need a job. The problem is that I am terrible with communicating (it's a wonder how I can type a lot on my blog on a daily basis) with people. On top of that, my studies, club activites and invlovement with the 生徒会 (especially the last one), leave me little time to find time to work without eating into my sleeping hours and regain my sanity. A friend recommended me to leave the 生徒会 to cope if I were to work. I think that would be a good idea, seeing that I am underperforming in it compared to my peers.

  • Increased costs. With what I have, renting a place I saw in an ad at 37000 yen per month would leave me 1 month short of completing a full year, and that does not include buying of food, transport and other expenses.

As I don't want it to dwindle any further, you might have noticed that I have stopped updating the newtype rankings lately. That's because it's not pratical to buy it from where I bought it from. A check with an online store means that I would have gotten 4 magazines if I were to buy from there than 2-3 if I were to buy it from the usual store. If you were wondering what issued I stopped at, it is the June 2008 issue (the one on the right is on the front of the July 2008 issue).

I'm thinking of working either at a fast-food restaurant or supermarket first if I were to start working.

There are other ways to get money. One is to sign up and take surveys or paste their stuff all over my blogs. However, these won't earn me much unless the latter is popular enough.


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