Looks like I'm busy for the next few weeks

The problem mentioned at the bottom left 0f this image that has happened lately is still there. I don't know what the problem is, but I have ruled out things that are already on my other blogs (including one that looks very much like this blog) but don't face the problem or when this blog is using the classic template. It has been there lately. I think I need to have a closer look at the code. I had also realized that this blog alone eats up a lot of bandwidth as my pre-paid dimishes from 1100 to 8 in less than half an hour of surfing.

From now until mid-August there seems to have a lot of activities I am involved at school from my classmates to the 生徒会 to the library.

What will happen:
  • Next Saturday (Aug 2), my juniors of the 生徒会 would be organizing something at one of the parks near my secondary/middle/high school. I have no idea what will happen, but would be separated into groups with names from a few popular shows for children. HUH?
  • celebrate birthdays of the people of August (and maybe September too) in my class on the first Tuesday of that month. *cough*
  • later on in the same day, the 生徒会 (again) would have an outing to a bowling center and to eat out around there.
  • Between now to 8th August (which is also the opening day of the Beijing Olympics) and 28th August, I would be involved in the 生徒会 (yes, again) helping with the decoration for some event. Looks like I would get back home late at night on some days..., especially closer to the actual day.
  • Someone of a high position at school wants the library to be opened by 8th August (after the even mentioned in the previous point), so that the Principal "would know that there is a library there". HUH? What kind of a reason is that? On top of that, the furniture, equipment and the boxes of books was moved in only 2-3 days ago (Wed & Thu). There is now slightly less than 2 weeks left..., good thing I'm not doing it by myself.

I tried to please myself the usual way, but it didn't worked out the way I wanted it to be...


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