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Today was a long tiring day. I didn't sleep the night before (unless you count the nap beteen 6pm and 11pm) after puting up yesterday's post. The food my mother cooks don't relly apease me. In fact, it's now rare for my family to sit down and eat mainly because mother goes to work in the evening on weekdays and my father and sister come home close to midnight on most nights, including public holidays and weekends from school, work or somewhere. There are barely any food in the kitchen, save for a few instant noodles (not the type where you just pour hot water
and wait for 3mins).

Speaking of food, during the so-called fasting month, which happens about every 10-11 months, I would easily go crazy. Now that I am in some college located an hour's travel away from my house and have to travel past downtown or several towns to reach, I can actually skip fasting completely without people who do so without suspition (except for a few that know me) in addition to the situation in the paragrapth above. Before, in primary/elementry/grade or secondary/middle/high school, my house was just 15-30mins away with nothing but resendital houses in between, that (I think) I have to reach home by evening. Since I did not join any club or activity group in both (I did, but didn't turn up at all partly due to miscommunication since the first day.) or friends that I would go with, I would just head home. Still, you have to wake up on unearthly hours (4am! 3am if you follow the sun) and eat food. It's either leftovers from the day before, food that I don't like, or in rare cases eat at a decent place somewhere that is already open in the early morning. It's worse when there's school later on. Couldn't break the habit of sleeping at 2am.

If you ask me anything about my nationality, (real) name, religion, race, culture, or the languages that I speak, expect a negative reply or completely different answer from the people who are the same as above. Because of this, among many other reasons, you don't see me puting up any mention of my real name or personal background (except for a few) online. I would instead put up info and make it look like it's from a completely different person, though some info like my marital status and age are true. I won't type my name out here, but here's a screenshot from the links on this blog:

(If you had noticed, the highlighted part is hidden as the last name if you were to view that profile.)

I may talk about the JLPT (日本語能力試験, Nihongo Noryoku Shiken) later if I don't forget to do so. Look through the earlier post and you would find some mention of it, with early-december 2007 being the most obvious.

PS. I am seeing progress with the train station entrance at the interchange and the new southbound (Marina Bay) bound platform at bishan. However, at paya lebar, there doesn't seem to be any progress lately other than closing off one of the entrances and the change of alignment of the diverted road next to it. FYI, that road had been diverted since work started in 2003, 5 years ago.

Profile images at blogger (here) and 3rd friendster profile have been changed to reflect those at facebook and sgforums. There are no plans for other places, but if there is, it would be different from above.


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