Will be moving to the U.S.

I know I have been saying a lot about Japanese things like animation, technology, culture and language and not anything else, but I am moving to Santa Clarita, California, United States of America (where Los Angeles (pictured) is) quite soon as the difficulty living there is better, with better opportunity for jobs and stuff. Also, with tighter security and crime rates lower than it was earlier, it's better now.

On top of that, I feel that I can get along with the people there than here, partly because I can understand what they are saying. I will be leaving for there as soon as my stuff are prepared and the necessary arrangements are done.

Going to miss you guys. :(

Do you think I would actually move to there at this time?! Look at the date of this post!!! April fools!!! I can't believe people would actually read this hidden part. I'm going to say it briefly in the next post anyway.
Seattle, another possible American city.


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