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Chasing After Rainbows: Annoyed...

16 December 2007


Here are the stuff I'm annoyed with:

  1. People calling/messaging me at the inconvenient times (especially when I'm in the middle of drawing/sleeping)
  2. My laptop is too laggy but upgrading the RAM would mean voiding the warranty. There's always speed boost but other than my portable HDD, I don't have anything that is at least twice my current RAM size.
  3. People asking me to do things when I don't want to. (Even though I say otherwise)
  4. My body is aching
  5. The whole "national/racial/religion identity" thing.
  6. Not enough money to do/get what I want.
  7. The weather (I don't mind the rain, but THERE IS NO SNOW!)
  8. People smoking, especially in public areas
  9. Applied for about 5 jobs, but so far none of them called me back
  10. How I'm not what I want to be (biologically)
  11. grades and not getting courses that I want
  12. time limits, especially short ones
  13. felt like living in the past
  14. 4chan.org banning me for some unknown reason
  15. Being accused of something I didn't do
Can't think of anything else for now...

"What was I thinking when I typed the above?"

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