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[Taken on 2007-12-07 20:00 (UTC+8)]

Many people have been asking if this is my profile or had overheard people asking those around them whose profile this belongs to. Yes, this is my profile. How the profile turned out to be like this? Well it's a long story, so long that it dates back to around when I turned my (then) spare account. Also, I don't like putting a picture of myself or put my real name. (5th friendster profile, MySpace acc no.2 and Facebook are exceptions. Though nether of the people in the display image at myspace is me.)

At one time (some years ago), the aim was to have a profile of an anime charater (School Rumble). At the time I did that, I already added my (seconday) school friends to both that account and the (then) main account. On that account, I did put in "would accept anyone from around the world". The number of friends quickly rose to half the limit (in those days, it was 1000) when I turn my (then) main account into the same thing. I copied whatever personal images and info I had place on the other 2 accounts into my new (3rd) account. (some of images can still be found there either at the last few pages of the public gallery or in the private photos). I also readded friends on the 3rd acc that I had already added on the 1st & 2nd acc and removed from the latter later. (The uncessessful ones remained there, burried among the hundreds of anime fans from SE Asia).

I could continue from there and talk about what happened to my 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th, (along with Hi5, Yuwie, MySpace, Tagged, Facebook, Windows Live Spaces/Messenger, Imageshack) but that is not what I am here to talk about.

Here are the reasons on why what you see on my profile are false:

Name: Did not like using my name but did put my real full name as the last name. Used 高橋はるか (read as "Takahashi Haruka") as the first name. Previously the name was 高橋晴佳 (Takahashi Haruka), but my chinese friends would interprit that as "Gaoqiao Quingjia", the mandrin pronouncation of the hanzi/kanji. So I converted the given name into hiragana.

Gender/DisplayImage/Layout: 女性 (Female). In case you didn't know, I am like a girl stuck in a guy's body and also to match the display image and name.

Age: That is my real age at the time the screenshot was taken. Although at the time I first created a friendster account, I was below the minimum allowed age and entered the year my sister was born instead (now changed to mine when I reach "the" age)

Status: 独身 (Single). I really am single. People seem to misinterprit what I said / they saw that I do. I do have female friends but I don't go out with them, if so, it would be in groups. I'm not being racist here, but my prefrence is to marry a Chinese/Japanese (and able to communicate with me), drop my religion (I'm already am, but not officially), use my wife's surname as mine after marrying (not sure about keeping my given name). Have plans to move to Japan, but not Tokyo. Most likely the suburbs just a few hours/minutes away to a major city/international airport by train (Where a typical house there don't cost more than a 3-room apartment in Singapore). You get the idea.

Interested in: Since I put my gender as female above, it would be odd to the people who don't know me if the "men and" part wasn't there.

Member since: That is actually the month and year the account was created. I first heard about friendster in October 2003 from my sister. I think I created and deleted at least 2 accounts. If i were to include them in my numbering, it would reach 7.

No. of times profile was viewed since the beginning of the month: Numbers do not include number of times I viewed my own account unless I view it from another account or not logged in. Numbers reaching more than 1100 views a month for my 1st and 2nd profile each is the norm.

Location: 日本宮城県小林町 (Kobayashi-machi, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan). Same reason as name and gender. Locations are different for each of my accounts. When friendster first introduced adding of regions and cities outside the US, I kept changing to various places in the world, including the place with the longest name in Germany (can't remember what).

Hometown: 東京都千代田区外神田 (Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Metropolitan). Offical postal address of Akihabara, known for large range of computer and anime goods.

College: The 1st (Ite bishan) is true, the other 2 (Harvard and Waseda (早稲田) universities (many well known people, including politiants, had studied there are not. Quite obvious if you had scrolled down and looked at the year and course.)

Companies: MacDonalds, NEC, Books Kinokuniya, Kyoto Animation. Want to work there but for some/obvious reason, I can't.

Featured friends (top right): Those are my other accounts but you have to go through the friends list to look for the 5th account. As I don't accept anime fans, those there are ment to redirect them to there. If you see any anime images in my friend list, they are actually my other accounts, my actual friends (who are also anime fans), and those that somehow slipped through my friend sellecting cretirea.

Photos/Background image: Those are actual pictures taken by someone of places in Japan. I found them at places like flickr and If you were looking for pictures I took, go to my private photo gallery or my Windows Live Spaces blog.

I always seem to write blog entries longer than intended, wonder how that happened...


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