Days i'm not free in Dec 2007

Better put this down before I forget

  • 14 - 16 Dec (Friday - Sunday): Have to submit stuff by the 15th and then go to the open house at Republic Polytechnic at Woodlands sometime later.
  • 18 Dec (Tuesday): 9:50am - 1pm, outside ITE Bishan staff room for video editing
  • 21 Dec (Friday): 10am onwards, meet ming rong and skye outside payar lebar MRT station.
  • 22 Dec (Saturdy): 9:30am onwards, class outing at East Cost park MacDonalds (no idea how to get there).
  • until 8 Jan (Tuesday): Prepare presentation for business communication.
  • after 21 Dec (Friday), before 15 Jan (Tuesday): Subsequent (bi-)weekly (not confirmed) meething with sky and min rong
  • Unknown: Visiting relatives in Negara Sembilan, Malaysia.
  • Unknown: Cleaning up my room (it's messy)
  • Unknown: Finding time for a (full/part time) job. (need 50x of what I already have by 2013)

Holidays during the period (which makes no difference to my life or would care about):
  • 20 Dec (Thursday): Hari Raya Haji
  • 25 Dec (Tuesday): Christmas
  • 1 Jan (Friday): New Year

From this post onwards, there will be a random image at the bottom of each post on this blog.


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