Events that took place this week

Here are a bunch of entries that took place from 8 Dec (Sat) to 12 Dec (Wed)

8 December 2007 (Saturday):
Stayed at home most of the time. Decided to make major changes to my 3rd and 4th profile after making this post just the night before. Managed to watch "ef - a tale of memories" and "灼眼のシャナII" (Shakugan no Shana Second).

9 December 2007 (Sunday):
Woke up earlier than usual (7am) on a Sunday. Father comes home with mother (she works the night shift and he went to fetch her) with MacD breakfast (it happens every week) at 9am. He also wants to watch "Doraemon" (ドラえもん) on RCTI (an indonesian free-to-air network). Had to connect the external antena via VCR (which is almost 12 years old) as the widescreen tv bought almost last year can't display it. Made a lot of changes to friendster, blogger and youtube profile. Later on around evening, went out with parents to fech my sister from work (Hans Art, Bishan Branch) without changing. Went to Sheng Siong supermarket (near Marsling MRT in Woodlands) and had dinner near there. Went to grandparents house around there (blk 518) and watched "Haunted Manson" most of the time there. My sister and I both received SGD4 each for visiting. Went home. Was around 10:30pm when reached home.

10 December 2007 (Monday)
Forgot what happened but in jap class, spent time doing research for the act. I saw a lot of people going to youtube. After the class, miss foo asked me to help maiko-san to set up the equipment (i asked min rong to help me) to play the next day. Used some japanese drama, that has to do with a typical life, bought a vcd from malaysia (which means low res, ireremovable malay and chinese subs) to test. (I was expecting a region code 2 dvd...)

11 December 2007 (Tuesday)
Was informed the day before that "Thinking Skills" takes place at 8am. Was there at that time but was later informed that it takes place at 1pm the day after. there was a talk called "16 (out of 100) habits of the mind" from 9am to 3pm. During lunch break (which we waited so long for) they offered food conisting of an egg, a chicken piece, some veggies and rice, all covered in some spicy sause in a cheap styrofoam packaging. Only a disposial spoon (which looked easy to break) was given. Was kind of impossible to eat with only that spoon. Decided to use my hand to eat it and wash my hand outside the female staff toilet downstairs (the regular toilets was dirty). At the jap class later, discussed about the play that would take place at "1月15日". Skye suggested that I would dress up as "the one with those things sticking out of the chest" that day. Went to Kinokuniya at Nee Ann City (Takashimaya Shopping Centre) to see if the Jan 2008 of NewType (Japan) is out yet. Wasn't out, so decided to come back on Friday.

12 December 2007 (Wednesday)
Since I woke up earlier than usual (as my parents thought sch start an hour earlier), decided to go to school by taking 38, then 969 and then the MRT. (opposite of what is mentioned here) Since it's the morning (around 7am) it is crowded. When I got on the train at Kathib, it was as crowded as at City Hall at 7pm, had to push my way in. Managed to reach school about the same time as the normal route (though about 3omins more). Forgot what happened afterwards...

I forgot when I withdrew SGD20, but I know it was before tuesday and after depositing SGD50 the week before. Could be either to pay the photos, or to by that newtype magazine that is supposed to be out on 10th of each month.


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