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Chasing After Rainbows: Changed layout

06 December 2007

Changed layout

I had changed the layout as the prevous one had problems displaying images from my previous post.
For example this image from the prevous post:

Under the previous layout, you wouldn't be able to see the clock or the woman on the right of the image. You could only see the rest and the shadow of that person. The same goes for images of the same size. Since the layout has changed, I try to make the page elements at the same position as before (only on the left instead of right).

Also, I have reduced the number of post appearing on the main page from 10 to 5 since the average post is quite long, even without images. This would also help people with slower bandwidth to load the page faster. To view the earlier posts, you can just go to the archive tree at the bottom of the sides. (Since my posts are long most of the time, it might be located midway throughout the blog.) I have also enable annonous people to post comments on my posts.

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