Cleaning up the hard disk

I'm currently in the middle of cleaning up my hard disk of unwanted images and some flash files. I have deleted about 200MB of files so far and there seems to be more waiting to be found. The majority are from 東方, Fate/Stay Night, Lyrical Nanoha, and whatever that I found ugly by current standards.

The images you have seen me uploaded are among the best I have and does not contain things unsuitable to typical readers. (yes, I do have images that are unsuitable to some people, but I don't put them up anywhere.)

It looks like there are a lot more files to check through. When I was transfering from the old portable hard disk to the new one (via the laptop) between February and May this year, there were about 50,000 files (not sure how much that is in Megabytes), and that does not include images stored elsewhere.

I should get going now.


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