Editing mp3 files with Windows Media Player

I have been editing mp3 files using iTunes for quite some time, but around the time before heading to somewhere earlier this week, it seems that changes to the tags for the files I had made applied only to the iTunes music library and does not apply the changes to some of the files for some reason. However, the album images (if any) that I had applied to the files works. I first noticed this when I selected "Keep iTunes Music folder organized" where either they are located under the old name (eg. Aya Hirano <-> 平野 綾) or sorted correctly but the file info is outdated (eg. The file name (renamed by iTunes) says "アイの庭", but the title tag for the file still say "Ai no Niwa").

Besides the above, I have also tried editing in Windows Media Player 11 and the explorer of Windows XP and Vista. For Windows XP, inserting album images to the file, except via iTunes and WMP, is next to impossible. In Windows Vista, that can be easily done by clicking and dragging to the bottom left area where the icon next to the file tags would appear. However due to the encoding for non-ASCII text (Latin characters) in both cases, which may appear fine in the explorer but messed up elsewhere, I noticed that editing via Windows Media Player 11 seems to be the best option. It appears correctly in all places.

The only problem now is to do that to about 2800+ songs, more if you count those that are yet to be added to the library.


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