An uneventful month (May)

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Apart from stuff that happens only online and negative things, the month of May seem to just fly by as though I just started the new school year in mid-April and suddenly it's already almost the middle of June. Each day, including public holidays (the "golden week" was in that month) and weekends, the days seem to quickly fly by with nothing eventful happening. In fact, nothing that makes me happy has happened. The same old boring day with the sunrise and sunset. In fact, it seems lately that there are more than one sunrise and sunsets in a day, or time is really flying by quickly.

I shall not elaborate on the negative things that happen recently here, but luck seems to be turning around somewhat. I found a 10-coin lying on the floor. Other than the return cups of payphones and vending machines, I haven't found a coin lying around in a public place for quite a long time. Could this mean that luck is changing?

PS. Between March and May, a bird nest built by 2 birds that doesn't seem to come from my area could be found right outside my doorstep of all places. Not long ago, I saw a young bird in the nest with its mouth/beak wide open pointing upwards. Not too long ago, they seem to have left the nest to somewhere for quite some time. I wonder if my neighbors notices it. If so, what do they think of it?


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