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Chasing After Rainbows: What to do now?

27 June 2008

What to do now?

With my parents currently giving me a miserable amount of monthly allowance, which was half compared to when I was in secondary/middle school, my expenses would easily be more than my allowance and there isn't much in my bank account. How little? Let's put it this way: at the current prices, an airplane ticket to a place 5 hours away would cost between 1/2 to 1/3 of what I have. It's not even enough to cover all the other expenses like accomodation and other related things.

With current commitments to school studies, club activities and the 生徒会, it would seem difficult to find a part-time job without affecting the other 3 or finding a time to take a break. The time when I am actually doing nothing is quite rare, even after doing stuff at places like Facebook.

I haven't felt very happy deep inside for a long time that jokes don't seem funny. In fact, nothing significantly new has happened around me before these days.

To tell you the truth, I actually don't care if I got kicked out of the 生徒会. However, that might have an effect if I were to continue my studies or start working.

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