Déjà vu

There are times where I felt that certain events have happened before, even though it might be my first time experiencing it.

I'm not sure why, but it has happened several times before, like at a town I never visited before or during a conversation with someone. Some of the possible reasons include:
  • being reincarnated, either as someone else or my current life is repeating
  • similar to one of my earlier dreams
  • envision that it would happen, but a long time ago
  • via my parents or siblings
  • etc.
Anyways, I find it strange that when wearing with shorts or skirt at cold places, my legs feel no difference than at normal, even though the rest might be fully clothed and still find it insufficient to protect from the freezing cold. The highest temperature I can tolerate is 32℃ without complaining of heat. Lower if the sunlight is directly pointing at me. Slightly higher for heated water (eg. bathtubs, shower).


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