Signing up for Nico Nico Douga and plans for this month

Other than the FIFA 2008 world cup (which I have no interest in), and something that happened in Akihabara earlier today (pictured), it seems that a lot of things are happening today around me. In fact, I can't seem to get any peace and quiet yesterday and today with loud music from the outside from many, but nearby, sources.

Anyways, I have heard of Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画) for quite some time, but not sure what it is exactly. Turns out that it is somewhat like YouTube. As you might already know, YouTube is one of the worse places if you want videos in normal (let alone high) quality videos and audio (in Mono sound). Nico Video may not be the best, but it sure is better than youtube (in terms of video quality), one of the most popular sites visited in Japan (and Taiwan). But content wide, there is room for improvement. You must log in in order to watch videos (except for the embedded ones). Anyone can sign up, but the language of the site is available only in Japanese.

Let's see, for the next 4 weeks starting this week, I have things going on.
  • 11 June (Wed): 生徒会 briefing of the camp that is to take place on 17 & 18 next week. (Compulsory, paid 500)
  • 14-16 June (Sat-Mon): Visiting my cousin who recently got married and had a newborn child. Their house is located overseas, at a region surrounding the capital there. (my parents will be paying for everything)
  • 17-18 June (Tue-Wed): The day of the せいとかい camp. Thankfully, I don't have to go through what the newbies (whom I haven't met) will go through as I already did.
  • 22 June (Sun): A buffet with the library club members at a hotel. The meeting place is at a train station about an hour's ride from where I live. (paid 2000)
  • 30 June - 1 July (Mon-Tue): An outing with my classmates at a place less than an hour trip away by bus from my house. (they said that it was paid via the "class fund")
As you can see, most of them involve staying overnight outside my house. I'm not sure why I hate it. Maybe its the packing and the uncomfortable sleep that are associated with it in the past. I wonder how much worse it would be if I still remain in the drama club and joined the photography club or have a (part-time) job.


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